There are lots of free rewards apps that allow you to make some extra cash in your spare time. We’ve listed some more of these free apps below, all are free to join and simple to use. Check out more free rewards sites on our blog.


GetPaidTo is the first of our free rewards apps, with several different ways to earn money. Play games and take short surveys to earn. Also check out the offer wall for a selection of different tasks you can carry out to earn even more points.

Points are awarded to you for each task you complete. Your points can be cashed out once your balance reaches a minimum of 5000 points ($1 equivalent). Points can be redeemed for cash, Amazon vouchers or even cryptocurrencies. Having cashout by cryptocurrency is a great feature as it allows you to accumulate crypto without having to invest any of your own money.

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CashKarma allows you to earn rewards in the form of PayPal cash or vouchers by participating in surveys doing simple tasks. A great thing with this app is that it pays more depending on the length of the survey. And even if you are screened out you will still get rewarded.

The app is available worldwide but there is also a location rewards feature available only to US users. When the app detects you are near a selected retailer such as Walmart for instance, it will send you a notification for an ad related to that store. You aren’t required to do anything, just open the notification to view the ad and you are paid each time.

Check out CashKarma and use referral code MoneyGuru to receive 300 bonus points on sign up.

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Yandex is a large Russian Internet search and services company (The Russian equivalent of Google), operating one of the most popular search engines in Russia. Yandex.Toloka is their rewards website and app where you are rewarded for completing a wide variety of tasks. The great thing is that you don’t have to be based in Russia or speak Russian to access Yandex.Toloka as it is available worldwide.

Tasks on offer can vary widely from comparing pictures and webpages to evaluating the relevancy of search queries. There are even some field surveys such as mystery shopping you can participate in if you live in the relevant area. The reward amount varies and is based on the complexity of the task. Cash can be withdrawn via Paypal and there are more payout options available for Russian users.

Check out Yandex.Toloka


Zareklamy has 5 different ways to earn money – you can pick and choose whichever tasks you would like to do. First there is the usual filling out of short surveys from Survey Monkey, Pollfish and Google Forms. The reward offered will be dependant on the length of the survey.

The second way to earn is by watching videos and ads and browsing websites. These will open in a new window, you will see a countdown stating how long you have to leave the page open to earn the reward. The rewards are small but all you have to do is open them and leave them to run in the background. You aren’t required to click or interact with them so you are able to start to accumulate cash quickly.

The third earnings option is writing comments and reviews on social media, shopping and review websites. These include some of the following sites;

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Trustpilot

This is where you can start to earn a more sizeable reward. For example, below is a screenshot of an available review task on Etsy. All you are required to do is click the Earn button to be taken through onto the product page on Etsy and leave a review, you will earn £21.90 for this. Although please bear in mind that the review must be a reasonable length and relevant to the item in question to gain the reward, just writing a couple of words won’t be accepted.

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More Ways To Earn Money From Zareklamy Free Rewards Apps

The fourth way to earn is by engaging on social media. Many popular platforms can be used including Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Tik Tok. Ways to earn on these include simply following and subscribing to channels and liking and sharing pages and posts.

There are also rewards on offer for downloading apps from different app stores and even playing songs on spotify and Soundcloud!

The final method to earn money on Zareklamy is by creating accounts on websites or subscribing to newsletters.

Quite a lot of the tasks such as social media clicks only pay very small amounts but they are so simple and quick to complete that you can easily accumulate cash. Think how much time each day do you already spend online on these websites and social media platforms? It makes sense to get paid for using them by performing a few extra clicks. It can be used via the website or app.

It’s free to use, check it out Zareklamy

Want To Improve Your Brands Online Presence?

Do you run a blog, website or social media channel and are looking to increase your followers and subscribers? Are you an online freelancer wanting to improve your online reputation? Sell products in online marketplaces and want to increase your reviews? Then you need to check out Zareklamy Ads

Zareklamy Ads allows you to improve your brands reputation by creating ad campaigns that can improve your likes, followers, reviews etc and is compatible with over 50 major online platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Tik Tok, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Trustpilot, Fiverr and many more.

You have full control and flexibility over your ad spend and won’t be charged until you see results. Check out Zareklamy Ads

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