Ways To Earn Money On Fiverr

You could easily be profiting from Fiverr and other online freelancing platforms even if you are not a freelancer and don’t have any skills to sell, there are many ways to earn money on Fiverr without being a freelancer. Read on and we will explain a few ways you can still make money from these websites with a little effort.

First you will want to create a free account on Fiverr. It is also worth registering an account on a second freelancing platform such as Latium. Both are free to join but there is the option to get verified on Latium for a small one off $9 fee which is recommended as it will give your account more authenticity and allow greater access to jobs.

You are then going to act as the middle man and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers which is simple – you take on a higher paying job on one site and then pay a cheaper freelancer on another site to complete the task for you and your profit is the the difference in the price.

For example, you search for graphic design jobs on Latium and agree a price of $125 with the client to design them a new logo. You then search on Fiverr and find a freelancer offering logo design services for a lower cost. Let’s say you secure one for $50, you pass the design brief to them and have them complete it. You then upload this completed design to the client on Latium and when you are paid you will have made a $75 profit without creating anything yourself.

how to make money on fiverr

Graphic design is a great category to use but there are many different categories you can choose from. There are also a multitude of these websites you can pick and choose from including PeoplePerHour, Freelancer and Upwork. Fiverr is one of the better platforms to use if you are purchasing a project as there are so many freelancers on the site it means pricing is extremely competitive.

If you are serious about creating an extra income stream with these platforms then you really need to improve your image and reputation of your freelancer profile by gaining lots of positive reviews. You can do this easily by using Zareklamy Ads

Zareklamy Ads allows you to improve your brands reputation by creating ad campaigns that can improve and increase your reviews and is available for Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and People PerHour

You have full control and flexibility over your ad spend and you won’t be charged until you see results.

How To Earn Money From Audiobooks

Did you know you could also be easily making money from narrating audio books on ACX? What if you’re not a voice-over artist or you don’t have recording equipment? No problem, just use Fiverr.

ACX is an online marketplace that connects authors and publishers with narrators and is free to create an account. ACX is operated by Audible which is owned by Amazon therefore if you have an Amazon account you can simply log in with that. Check out ACX here. It is currently only available in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland. Now if you have the skills to complete your own audio recordings then you can upload audio samples and start earning right away. If you aren’t able to do your own narration then this is where the Fiverr platform comes in.

how to make money from audiobooks

Now in order to be selected for narration jobs on ACX you are required to upload short audio samples of between 1 and 5 minutes in length. Find a book waiting to be narrated on ACX and you will see a sample portion of text with details of the voice type that the author specifies such as gender, country/region etc. Copy this sample and purchase a narration from one of the freelancers on Fiverr for a small fee. You then need to upload this file to the audition page for the book on ACX. If the author awards you the job then all you need to do is pass the complete text to the narrator on Fiverr and purchase their service. You then submit this complete audio book file to the author on the ACX platform and get paid. You can choose 2 different payment types, either a per finished hour rate or 50% royalties from all future sales of the audio book.

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