Get My Slice: Get Paid Chatting To Brands

How To Get Paid For Chatting To Brands Online

Get My Slice is a new UK based rewards app that allows you to earn cash by connecting you directly with brands. In fact it’s more than just your standard rewards app. Get My Slice puts you in control by allowing you to choose which data you wish to share with brands. The offers you see will then be personalized to you.

You can earn money by;

  • Chatting anonymously to brands
  • Signing up to free trials such as streaming services
  • Switching your bank accounts
  • Switching your utility accounts
  • Cashback from your purchases

And there is no limit to how much you can earn!

It is easy to get started. Simply register for a free account via the Get My Slice app. Browse your personalized offers, interact and get paid cash.

Click here to join Get My Slice and get paid to chat to brands.

Get My Slice
Get My Slice

Get My Slice Founders Club

What’s even better is they have something called the Founders Club which is designed to give something back to early adopters of the app through the awarding of Founder Points.

There is a limited pool of 3,600,000 Founder Points and each new member can earn a maximum of 50 Founder Points (this used to be more but has been limited more recently to 50 as the amount left to collect is taken up), you will get your first point just for signing up.

Once all of these 3,600,000 points have gone, they have gone, no more will be issued. You can earn more Founder Points by taking up offers and even referring your friends and family.

Get My Slice has a target to reach 20 million users, once this target is reached, anybody holding Founder Points can then redeem them for cash through the app. Whilst the current value of these is yet to be fully determined, it is estimated that each Founder Point will be worth in the region of £100-£800. If you collect the full allocation of 50 points that could potentially be worth as much as £40,000 in the future!

Get my slice is currently only available in the UK but is looking to expand to other countries soon so join our newsletter to stay informed.

Find out more and sign up for a free account at Get My Slice and get paid to chat to brands.

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