A Simple Passive Income Idea For Creatives

There are many different ways of creating passive income streams online, some are incredibly simple and free whereas others can be more complex and take more time and/or money to set up. We want to share a free and simple idea that anybody of any skill and competence level can set up to start earning an extra source of income today.

Redbubble is an online marketplace for user-created print-on-demand products such as T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, gifts etc. The way it works is simple – users can create a free account and upload their own artwork and designs, these designs can then be applied to a range of products such as clothing and gifts. Each time somebody purchases one of your items on Redbubble you receive a commission. You can boost your sales by promoting your store on your social media channels.

A Simple Online Passive Income Idea Anybody Can Use

There is absolutely no cost to you as you are not producing or shipping the items yourself, Redbubble takes care of that, all you have to do is supply designs. Don’t forget items are not limited to just the standard T-shirts and mugs, there are literally hundreds of items you can apply your designs to including bedding, stationary, clothing, wall art and much more so the earnings potential is huge. It is available worldwide so anybody can get started today, check out the Redbubble platform here.

If you are not a creative person and are not able to create your own designs then fear not – why not consider using the services of a professional designer using the freelancing platform Fiverr? There are literally thousands of experienced and professional designers offering ultra competitive pricing starting from just a few pounds/dollars for basic designs and is available worldwide.

The Fiverr platform is full of designers that can create designs specifically for T-shirts and merchandising, simply purchase a design from one of them and then upload this to your Redbubble store. And remember once it is set up you don’t need to invest any further time or money into it – you just leave it and you will continue earning commissions from all future sales.

Redbubble is a great platform to start with but once you become more experienced you could look to developing your creations into a brand and then expand further onto other similar types of sites and potentially create yourself an online business. Some other useful sites to consider for this are Teespring, Zazzle and Printful. We discuss this in more detail in the post below.

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