How To Earn Money From Your Spotify Playlist

Earn Money From Listening To Music With Your Spotify Playlist

If you have a Spotify account then you may be able to earn money from your Spotify playlist. Today we’ll look at a way of using your Spotify account to enable you to earn up to $12 per song. And it is completely free to get use. However, you do need to have a small following to be able to use this method.

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How To Earn Money From Your Spotify Playlist

Get Started

Firstly if you don’t already have a Spotify account you can create a free account here. Spotify also offer a premium service but this is not required. The free version will be sufficient.

Next you will need to visit the Playlist Push website. Select ‘For Curators’ from the top menu and register for a free account. Playlist Push allows new independent music artists to get their music heard by a large audience quickly. This is why you need people following your playlist as a way to introduce the artist to a wider audience.

You will then be able to review this new music and get paid for doing so. That is also why the fee you are paid for your review is higher than on other reward type sites as your opinion is extremely valuable to them.

How To Earn Money From Your Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist Followers

Please note you will need a minimum of 1000 followers of your Spotify playlist in order to create a curator account on PlaylistPush. If you don’t have this many followers there are ways to gain more followers quickly. This includes sharing on your social media channels and some other handy websites such as Soundplate and These are free sites that allow you to upload and share your Spotify playlists in order to gain more followers. You can now also sign up as a TikTok curator.

Once your account is registered you will be able to discover and review new songs. Earn up to $12 in cash per song which can be redeemed instantly to your bank account.

Playlist Push Alternatives For Curators

There are some alternatives to Playlist Push including Submit Hub and Music Gateway. Each will have different requirements such as a set number of playlist followers needed. So, if you have followers on your Spotify playlist then you can use these to your advantage and earn some extra cash.

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