What Is PLR Products And How To Make Money Selling PLR e-Books

You can generate passive income by selling free PLR products such as e-Books. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, this type of right gives you complete ownership of the product and means you have full control over it so can modify and re-sell the product and keep all of the profit. There are many things you can do with PLR products such as;

  • Selling the product for profit
  • Using the content for your own site
  • Give away to help build a list
  • Use to build a membership site
  • Use to promote affiliate products and services

Where To Get Free PLR eBooks

IDPLR is the largest PLR membership website that gives you access to over 12,000 products with private label and resale rights. You are not just limited to free PLR eBooks, the types of products available for you to download, use and re-sell include;

  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Software
  • Audio
  • Templates

These products cover dozens of different categories and niches so whatever category you require, it will have you covered. Categories include;

  • Business & Making Money
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Health & Fitness
  • Self Help
  • Lifestyle & Travel
  • Beauty & Fashion
Generate Passive Income With FREE PLR Products You Can Re-sell

Once you have registered for a free account, you can then download and sell these products on your blog, website, online store or social media etc. You don’t need to have your own website or store, you can also sell through eBay, Amazon etc. Some products will have different licence types which determine what actions you are able to do with it such as modify, sell or give away the product for free. Some types of product licences are:

  • RR (Resale Rights Licence) – This means you can re-sell the product
  • MRR (Master Resell Rights Licence) – This means as well as being able to resell the product, the person that purchases it from you can also then resell the product.
  • PLR (Private Label Rights) – This means you have full ownership of the product and can put your name to it, modify it, give away or resell it.

This licence information will be displayed on the product download page. Full training is available on the website which will guide you through the whole process, great for anybody new to selling PLR products.

PLR products are also a good way to help build your lists by giving them away for free to encourage email sign-ups. In fact, if you use WordPress, IDPLR have an awesome WordPress plugin available called WP Sales Copy which gives you the ability to easily create stunning and fully functioning integrated landing pages and sales pages.

These type of PLR products are a great and easy way to earn passive income online.

>>>Generate Passive Income With FREE PLR Products You Can Re-sell

Generate Passive Income With FREE PLR Products You Can Re-sell

Promote Your Business With Your Own eBooks To Earn Even More

If you want to earn even more money and promote your business or website at the same time then you can create and upload your own eBooks to the IDPLR site. You can make them available for download by others which will help promote your own products easily. You are able to specify what type of licence your eBook has and what the downloader is able to do with it so if you don’t want your product to be modified for instance then you just select the relevant licence type. You can also upload videos, audio and software – a great way to get your brand out there.

Note: You cannot upload somebody else’s product to the site, it has to be your own creation. You can easily create your own eBooks with Sqribble and then upload them to IDPLR to help promote your products or services quickly, take a look at our full review and demonstration of Sqribble and the many ways you can use it to create different income streams here.

>>>You Can Register For A Free IDPLR Account Here

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