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Join ShareASale Affiliate Network To Make Money

Join ShareASale affiliate network to make money

ShareASale affiliate network is an affiliate marketing platform that connects merchants and affiliates. There are 2 different ways you can use this platform – as a merchant or as a ShareASale affiliates.

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As an affiliate you will earn money by promoting a merchant’s products and services. If you are a merchant you can get your products and services promoted quickly across the web and increase your sales.

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This post is our ShareASale review and will be focusing more on the ShareASale affiliates network, but we will look at both options below.

What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network, which is a platform that connects merchants with affiliate marketers. ShareASale allows merchants to run their own affiliate programs, and affiliate marketers to find and promote products and services to earn commission.

ShareASale was founded in 2000 and acquired by Awin in 2017. It is among the largest and most reputable networks.

What Are ShareASale Affiliates?

As an affiliate you will be promoting a merchant’s products and services. You will use tracking links and promotional materials provided by the merchant to direct potential customers to their websites and sales pages. If a user completes a purchase with that retailer using your referral link then you will receive a percentage of this purchase price as a commission fee for referring the customer.


The amount of commission will vary from merchant to merchant. Some will pay as a percentage of the total sale amount whereas others will pay a fixed fee. There are even some that pay a small commission fee just for completed user registrations.

Alternative to Clickbank - ShareASale affiliate network
Alternative to Clickbank – ShareASale affiliate network

Register An Account On ShareASale Affiliate Network

Firstly you will need to register for a free account on the ShareASale affiliate network. You can create an account in most countries so you don’t just need to be based in the US. You will be able to select either an affiliate account or a merchant account.

Follow the simple registration process, the first part is to create a username and password. Then you are required to add details of your website including the URL. You are also required to add contact details and payment details. Payment options are direct deposit or check.

Register For A Free Account Here

Note On Joining ShareASale As An Affiliate

You do need to have your own website in order to create an affiliate account on ShareASale. If you don’t have one but are interested you could consider starting by creating a simple blog. This is an easy and low cost starting point. WordPress is a good place to start with this and you can check out details of their plans here. In fact you can start a basic blog for free.

ShareASale affiliate network
ShareASale affiliate network

Find An Affiliate Program To Join

Once you have registered your account you can get started finding a programme you wish to partner with. Then you can start promoting products and begin earning money. Select ‘Merchants’ from the menu bar, then select ‘Search Merchants’. You will then be able to search all the categories as below.

There are over 15,000 merchants to choose from across many different product categories. These include financial, health, home & garden, real estate, insurance, marketing, food & drink, travel, automotive and many more. So you can be sure to find products that fit within your niche.

Make Money With ShareASale Affiliate Network
Make Money With ShareASale Affiliate Network

Merchant Overview

When you select a merchant you will see an overview as in the example below showing all the details. These include information about the merchant, commission rates, conversion rates, tracking cookie duration and any terms and conditions.

You will also be able to preview any creative promotional materials the merchant provides for you. This can include items such as banners and sometimes even bonuses and coupons you can offer to customers.

SahreASale merchant overview
SahreASale merchant overview

Join The Affiliate Program

Once you have reviewed this information you can make a decision whether or not you wish to join the program. You simply click the ‘Join Program’ button and agree to the terms and conditions.

Some merchants will have automatic approval so you can join and start promoting immediately. Others have manual approval. You may be required to provide details of where and how you intend to promote them which they will review. In most cases you should receive approval. Unless your website or promotion violates their rules or is deemed unsuitable due to the type of content it promotes.

Promote Your Affiliate Products

Once you are accepted you can now begin promoting the products and services on your blog or website and can get started incorporating links and promotional materials into your pages and posts. You can also promote across your social media channels, Facebook groups and forums etc. You can even try creating your own dedicated Facebook group.

Coupon codes may also be available that you can use to offer to people as an incentive. Select ‘Coupons and Deals’ from under the Merchants menu to access them.

Make money from the ShareASale affiliate network
Make money from the ShareASale affiliate network

You can preview the programme information and then apply to join the programme. They also have more great tools for special shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

ShareASale merchants
ShareASale merchants

From your dashboard you also have access to useful reporting functions to help you keep track of your sales and conversions such as weekly and monthly progress reports and transaction details.

Join ShareASale affiliate network
Join ShareASale affiliate network

ShareASale Affiliate Network: Should You Use It?

All in all ShareASale is an excellent affiliate platform that is easy to use, particularly if you are new to affiliate marketing. It is one of the larger and more reputable platforms, giving access to a wide and diverse range of merchants. So you can be sure you will find ones that align with your values and fit your niche.

The sign-up process is also quick and easy compared to some other affiliate platforms. There is no waiting for an eternity to have your details reviewed as with some other platforms.

Create A Free ShareASale Account Here

Join ShareASale Affiliates As A Merchant

If you run a business that sells products and services a good way to develop your brand, drive more traffic to your store and increase your sales is by joining an affiliate network such as ShareASale.

Over 15,000 merchants use the site to connect with over 211,000 affiliate partners worldwide. So you can easily increase your reach. Once you have set up your program you can then leave it to affiliates to start promoting your products. Potentially increasing your site traffic and sales.

ShareASale affiliate network for affiliate marketers
ShareASale affiliate network for affiliate marketers

ShareASale allows you full flexibility and control with setting up your own affiliate program using their cutting-edge tools. You get to choose your own commission fee structure. The pricing structure is simple and transparent. Pay a small one-off network sign-up fee and a small network transaction fee each time you make a qualifying sale.

Click Here To Learn More About Merchant Accounts

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