If you purchase any goods or services online then you should be using cashback sites. These websites allow you to earn money back each time you purchase a product or service online.

The way these sites work is very simple. When you want to make a purchase, instead of going directly to a retailer’s website, you first log in to the cashback site. Then search for the retailer you require and click the link to be taken to the retailer website. This is so that your purchases can be tracked by the cashback website and ensure you get paid. You then browse and purchase products as you would do normally.

Shortly after you complete your transaction, a record of it should appear in your cashback account. Now you just need to wait until the retailer approves and passes on the cash to the cashback provider and it will then appear in your account as cash ready for you to withdraw.

Cashback Sites - Earn Money Back On Your Online Purchases

Different sites have different payout options but you can usually opt for payouts via either cash or gift cards. Some sites offer apps and web browser extensions so that you can shop and earn easily via any device or on the go making them extremely convenient.

Cashback websites are a good way for retailers to advertise their products to customers. The retailers pay a commission fee to the cashback company to appear on the website, some of this is passed back to the customer when they make a purchase through the site. Each retailer will offer different rates of cashback. You may also get special offers and discount codes that are exclusive through the cashback site.

Cashback Sites - Earn Money Back On Your Online Purchases

What Retailers Can You Earn At?

Not every retailer will be on cashback sites but a large majority will be across all different shopping categories. These include groceries, computers and electronics, health and beauty, sports and fitness, banking, insurance and utilities.

Remember these websites don’t earn you any extra money (although sometimes you do get some small freebies). But they do allow you to earn some of the cost of your purchase back. This effectively gives you a discount on your product.

This means using a cashback site is more cost-effective than if you were to go direct to the retailer’s website to make a purchase. Think about all the purchases you make online during the course of a year, wouldn’t it be nice to get some of that money back? Every little bit helps.

Cashback Sites - Earn Money Back On Your Online Purchases

What Cashback Site To Use

There are many different cashback sites you can use but some of the best are Slide and BeFrugal.


Slide is one of the most rewarding ways to earn money back on both your in store and online purchases. It is available for over 200 retailers. Slide differs to most other cashback websites in that it uses a flat 4% cashback rate across all retailers.

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier to start earning – It works in the same way as using a gift card. Simply download the free app here (and get $20). Then connect a payment method. When you shop at a participating retailer, enter your total purchase amount onto the app and pay using your connected payment method. Then either show the displayed bar code on the app if in store or enter the serial number if using online. And that’s it, you’ve just earned 4% cashback.

Earn Even More Cashback

You can earn an extra 1% cashback by pre-funding your Slide account. There is also a referral program. Each person you refer gets a $5 credit to use towards each of their first four purchases of $10 or more. You get a $5 credit when they pay with Slide (up to $20).

Get 4% cash back instantly at 250+ brands & up to $20 per friend you refer (Up to $100).


In addition to offering great online cashback rates, they also offer coupons that are available for grocery stores and restaurants. Most popular retailers are available through the platform including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Macy’s and Home Depot.

There is an excellent browser extension that you can install called Couponomatic. Whenever you visit the checkout page on a retailer’s site, Couponomatic will automatically apply any available coupons without you having to search for them. This ensures you get the best deal every time with no extra effort on your part.

BeFrugal also have a cashback rate guarantee. If you find another site offering a higher rate of cashback for the same retailer they will match it.

Cashback Sites - Earn Money Back On Your Online Purchases

$10 Bonus Cashback

Bonus cashback offers are available and you even get a $10 bonus for signing up. A variety of different payment options are provided including check, bank deposit, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and eGift cards such as Amazon.

Whilst BeFrugal is a US based website, it is still available to use in most countries. Although payout options for non-US residents are limited to PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

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