Free rewards sites are a nice way to earn a little extra cash for a short amount of your time. Please take a look at the list below. All are free to join and will help make you a little extra cash or gift cards. More free rewards sites can be find on our blog including Free Apps That Pay You For Using Them

Google Opinion Rewards

Take very short and simple surveys from Google with their Google Opinion Rewards app. You will earn Google Play credit. Download the app from the app store and once you have registered you will receive notifications whenever a survey is available. This will usually be around once per week but could be more or less frequent. Monetary value will vary depending on the amount of questions but can be up to $1.

You will get asked questions relating to your experiences of using Google’s products and services. These include YouTube, Google search and Google Play. Google uses this information to improve their services. Download the app here.

apps To Earn Extra Cash

Unique Rewards

UniqueRewards is a fantastic rewards and cashback site. Earn cash for completing surveys and offers, watching videos, playing games, reading emails and shopping online. You can earn for just registering and completing your profile survey.

You can choose payment by PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard or check. Currently it is only open to residents in the US, UK and Canada, sign up for a free account here.

Free Rewards Sites To Earn Extra Cash

Eureka Surveys

Eureka is an easy to use survey site that pays out in cash. The value varies by length of survey. You are guaranteed to earn $1 from your first short survey to get you started. The minimum withdrawal amount is just $10.

Payout options are PayPal cash, direct bank deposit or a choice of over 70 gift cards including Amazon. It’s free to join but is currently only available in the US, you can sign up here.

Free Rewards Sites To Earn Extra Cash

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1Q is probably one of the most simplest survey sites you can use. You are asked a question called ‘Askverts’ and are paid a set $0.25 reward for each one you answer. These only take a few seconds to complete.

This cash is paid directly to your PayPal account or you can choose to donate to charity. The more information you share the more Askverts you will receive to increase your earnings potential. Download the app here.

Free Rewards Sites To Earn Extra Cash

Product Tube

ProductTube is a market research app that allows you to earn money for creating short videos about the products you buy and consume. There are 2 types of videos you can create – at home and in-store. These will be indicated on the project notifications you receive. This information is used by the product manufacturers to improve their products.

Payment is made by Amazon gift card. It is estimated that you could earn between $50 – $80 per month for just 1 hours worth of work with the app. You can download the app and view a full demo of how it works here.

Free Rewards Sites To Earn Extra Cash


Telephia allows you to earn cash simply for installing the app and leaving it running in the background. It will collect anonymous usage data from your phone and apps. You can also earn extra cash from being invited to complete short surveys. Payments are via either PayPal or Amazon gift card. It is only available in the US, download the app for free here.

Free Rewards Sites To Earn Extra Cash

Alternatives To Free Rewards Sites

Free rewards sites like these are a nice way to make a little extra money online in your spare time. But let’s be serious they are never going to make you rich. However there are more ways of earning an income online. We cover many of these in our blog posts you might like to check out such as 10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today. Please join our email newsletter to receive all the latest content.

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