Rebaid: Earn Amazon Rebates Up To 100%

Rebaid is an Amazon rebates website that has deals of up to 100% off on certain products purchased on Amazon. Most product offers available on the site are purchased through Amazon. There are also offers available through eBay, Walmart and Etsy as well.

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Get Amazon rebates up to 100% with Rebaid
Get Amazon rebates up to 100% with Rebaid

Rebaid Review: What Is Rebaid And How Does It Work?

You may be wondering how you are able to claim so much money back on your Amazon rebate. When small retailers launch a new product through an e-commerce platform such as Amazon, they are competing with thousands of other small vendors. For smaller retailers with more limited resources advertising their products is costly and time consuming. In order to reach a wider range of customers quickly they can turn to rebates sites such as Rebaid.

By offering significant discounts on their products and advertising them on one of the largest rebates websites, they are able to increase sales quickly. The customer gets a great product at a very low cost, sometimes even for free! It is a win-win situation for both customers and vendors. It also encourages people to leave product reviews. Although you are not required to leave reviews on any products you purchase.

It is very simple to use and is absolutely free, simply register for an account at Rebaid sign up. Once you have registered and verified your account you can browse the product offers available. You can filter down by category. See the percentage saving and how much the product will cost after the discount. All offers will vary in value and savings with some giving you rebates of 100% effectively making the product free!

Rebaid review, Amazon rebates website
Rebaid review, Amazon rebates website

How To Redeem An Offer On Rebaid

Click on the product page for more information. Here you will be able to see which platform the product is available to be purchased from. Simply click the ‘Redeem Offer’ button to be directed to the retailer’s website.

Then you can make the purchase as you would normally. After completing your purchase you just need to return to the Rebaid website. Confirm your order number and your rebate will be processed. You must sign in to the Rebaid website and click the redeem offer button first otherwise you will not be able to claim any rebates.

Redeem offers on Rebaid Amazon rebates website
Redeem offers on Rebaid Amazon rebates website

When Will I Be Paid?

Rebate payments are issued in 2 ways and you can select which option you prefer. The first option is by check which takes around 5-6 weeks but is free. The second option is by direct deposit to your bank account which is much faster. Usually being paid within 5 days, but there is a small $1 fee per transaction if you select this option.

There are a couple of things to be aware of. Rebaid is currently only available in the US. Also, there are limits to how many product offers you can redeem. You are usually limited to 10 redemptions during your first month on the platform. These limits are then gradually lifted and can be seen on your dashboard.

Rebaid Reviews

See what other users have to say about Rebaid.

Rebaid Amazon Rebates Website review 1
Rebaid Amazon Rebates Website review 1
Rebaid Amazon Rebates Website review 2
Rebaid Amazon Rebates Website review 2

Rebaid Sign Up For Amazon Rebate

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