Lead Generation Software To Increase Sales

Wouldn’t you like to increase your lead generation from all of your website traffic sources? Would you like to know exactly who is visiting your website even when they don’t actively contact you?And know exactly which of your marketing methods is working effectively? Luckily there is an online platform that can do all of this and help increase sales conversions. It’s called Visual Visitor.

Every visitor to your site is searching for something different. If you want to increase your lead generation then you must adapt to the individual requirements of your visitors. Visual Visitor is an integrated marketing platform allowing you to easily track and gain insight into all of your leads. It does this by seamlessly connecting your website, reviews, phone calls, texts and emails.

VisualVisitor lead generation software
VisualVisitor lead generation software

Visual Visitor Platform Features

The Visual Visitor platform is packed with some pretty powerful features. The main ones of which are website visitor ID tracking, Call tracking, email tracking and reputation management.

Gain full insights into every type of interaction your visitors make across all of your marketing mediums. Then personalise your approach and be better placed to convert these visitors into paying customers.

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What can you use VisualVisitor lead generation software for?
What can you use VisualVisitor lead generation software for?

Overview of the Visual Visitor platform main features include;

Website Visitor ID Tracking

Visual Visitor allows you to improve your lead generation by going far beyond the usual basic website visitor analytics. Identify exactly who is on your website in real time. Even when these anonymous visitors have not completed any sign up forms.

With the use of Click Path Data, see the exact path your customers take through your site. Visual Visitor has access to databases of contact information including email addresses, phone numbers, company information and social media data. The data is matched to your visitors. This allows you to reach more customers and be able to actively engage with them much more quickly.

The types of data that can be identified from anonymous web visitors includes;

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Location
  • Possible names and contact details
  • Keywords used
  • Referral source
  • Page view details

This will give a greater understanding of how visitors use your website, including how they found you. Get insights into how often they have visited and on which areas of your site they are interested in. You can then tailor your marketing approach to one most suited to that particular type of visitor, making them more likely to convert.

Email Tracking

Do you ever have trouble getting a response to your marketing emails? If so, then this is the tool that will help. Gain insights into how your recipients interact with your emails.

Information that can be viewed includes;

  • When the email was opened
  • The number of times it was opened
  • How long it took to open
  • Date, time and user’s location when it was opened

Call & Keyword Level Tracking

Find out why people are calling your business. Also find out how they found the business by matching calls to all of your marketing channels. The call tracking system identifies which keywords are driving calls to your business.

This enables you to optimize your pay per click and online content marketing strategies. With the potential to save money by eliminating keywords that don’t produce results and focusing on the ones that do. There is even the ability to record and transcribe phone calls that can be used for later reference.

Reputation Management

With any business your reputation is extremely important. Building a good reputation will help to build new leads and close more sales. Visual Visitor allows you to monitor your reputation from data across 38 online review platforms consolidated into one convenient location. You have the ability to set automated prompts for your customers to leave reviews without any manual intervention. You can then share these reviews on your website and social media. Even respond directly to reviews from your Visual Visitor account without the need for log ins to each individual site.

Lead generation software
Lead generation software

Seamless Integration With Other Platforms

It can be integrated seamlessly with many other platforms such as WordPress through the use of a plug in. It can also be integrated with Zapier. This allows over 3000 other web services to connect automatically to Visual Visitor. These include MailChimp, Slack, Salesforce, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, DropBox, HubSpot and many more.

Lead Generation Tool Conclusion

Visual Visitor is a superb lead generation software tool. Each element is packed full of useful features. These include detailed reporting functions for easy analysis of what is working well and what is not working so well. Empowering you to make the correct decisions.

The great thing with Visual Visitor is that they offer everybody a free 14 day trial. Giving full access to all the powerful features available. So you can fully test drive the platform and see how this will benefit your business before making any commitments.

Try The 14 Day Free Trial Now And See How You Can Transform Your Sales

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