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Earn Free Money As A Kickbooster Affiliate

How to earn free money as a Kickbooster affiliate

Kickbooster is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping project creators bring their ideas to life. Are you a creator, merchant or affiliate? There is a way for anybody to get involved and earn money from the Kickbooster platform. Particularly for affiliate marketers. We’ll discuss each of these below and how you can easily earn free money from as a Kickbooster affiliate. You don’t require any previous experience or special skills to make money from this.

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Make free money as a Kickbooster affiliate
Make free money as a Kickbooster affiliate

Kickbooster Project Creators

Do you have a product you wish to launch? Kickbooster can help right from the product concept stage through to e-commerce. They help you build an army of advocates. These comprise influencers, affiliates and backers to help market your projects and raise funds.

Creators have full control over this process with tools available to set custom referral rewards, cookie duration period and more. You will only pay out for a referral when an actual pledge is made, not just for link clicks. Utilising affiliate marketers can lead to access to new audiences and increased conversion rates. For more information click here.

Kickbooster Merchants

If you run an e-commerce store then Kickbooster can help you turn your customers into brand promoters through affiliate marketing. It has easy integration for Shopify store owners. Tools are provided to enable you to create your own custom rewards. These include offering store credit or cash commissions. You also have the ability to create affiliate pages and post purchase pop ups.

In addition to utilising your own customers, the Kickbooster Marketplace can also be leveraged. This allows you to expand your affiliate network and promote your brand further. With one simple low cost pricing structure, you can try it free for 30 days. This is a great way to boost a brand. Find more information here.

Kickbooster Affiliates Overview

As an affiliate marketer you can find and promote your favorite Kickbooster projects. Earn commission payments for each successful pledge made by people clicking through your links. Anybody can join Kickbooster as an affiliate and it is completely free. Join here


Once registered you can browse the marketplace and choose your favourite projects. You will then get a unique referral link. Use this link to promote the project in a variety of ways such as blogs, social media and email lists.

Each time somebody clicks through one of your links and makes a financial pledge to the project, you will receive a commission fee. The commission rate will vary on each project. Commission rates are displayed on the project details page. Commission payments are via PayPal.

Registering As An Affiliate

You can sign up for free as an affiliate here. After registering, browse the Kickbooster Marketplace to find a product that you wish to promote.

Filter by the different product categories on the left hand menu to make it easier to find projects. Categories include Beauty & Personal Care, Games, Technology and Travel. When you’ve found one, click on it to view the campaign details.


Affiliate Commission Rates

You will be able to see how much you can earn from referring the project. In this example below you can see you will earn 30% commission. Click the ‘Boost & Get Rewarded’ button to get your referral links. View these link management tools.

Earn free affiliate commissions
Earn free affiliate commissions

Promotional Materials

Everything you require to run a successful campaign is provided. You will see below in addition to referral links there are extra media kits and campaign videos. You can click the buttons to share directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Running successful campaigns
Running successful campaigns

More Affiliate Programs

The Kickbooster platform is free for affiliates to join. There are no special requirements as there are with some affiliate platforms. You do not need your own website so anybody can join and start earning money.

To ensure you create the best converting affiliate campaigns, this eBook is recommended reading. It provides all the information needed to help increase conversions.

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