Think And Grow Rich is one of the greatest motivational self-help books ever published, written by the inspirational author Napoleon Hill. We will discuss one of the sections covering the excuses people make for their lack of success and why you should avoid doing these if you wish to be successful in life. So below we’ll look at what if…you want to achieve success.

Hill calls this list the ’57 famous alibis by old man IF’. We appreciate this is quite a long list. But if you are serious about improving yourself then you need to take the time to look through the list at each alibi. Be honest with yourself in identifying which ones you are guilty of.

What If;

  • IF I didn’t have a wife and family…..
  • IF I had enough ‘pull’…..
  • IF I had money…..
  • IF I had a good education…..
  • IF I could get a job…..
  • IF I had good health…..
  • IF I only had time…..
  • IF times were better…..
  • IF other people understood me…..
  • IF conditions around me were only different…..
  • IF I could live my life over again…..
  • IF I did not fear what ‘THEY’ would say…..
  • IF I had been given a chance…..
  • IF I now had a chance…..
  • IF other people didn’t have it in for me…..
  • IF nothing happens to stop me…..
  • IF I were only younger…..
  • IF I could only do what I want…..
  • IF I had been born rich…..
  • IF I could meet ‘the right people’…..
  • IF I had the talent that some people have…..
  • IF I dared assert myself…..
  • IF I only had embraced past opportunities…..
  • IF people didn’t get on my nerves…..
  • IF I didn’t have to keep house and look after the children…..
  • IF I could save some money…..
  • IF the boss only appreciated me…..
  • IF my family understood me…..
  • IF I lived in a big city…..
  • IF I could just get started…..
  • IF I were only free…..
  • IF I had the personality of some people…..
  • IF I were not so fat…..
  • IF my talents were known…..
  • IF I could just get a ‘break’…..
  • IF I could only get out of debt…..
  • IF I hadn’t failed…..
  • IF I only knew how…..
  • IF everybody didn’t oppose me…..
  • IF I didn’t have so many worries…..
  • IF I could marry the right person…..
  • IF people weren’t so dumb…..
  • IF my family were not so extravagant…..
  • IF I were sure of myself…..
  • IF luck were not against me…..
  • IF I had not been born under the wrong star…..
  • IF it were not true that ‘what is to be will be’…..
  • IF I did not have to work so hard…..
  • IF I hadn’t lost my money…..
  • IF I lived in a different neighbourhood…..
  • IF I didn’t have a past…..
  • IF I only had a business of my own…..
  • IF other people would only listen to me…..
  • IF…..’I had the courage to see myself as I really am, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others, for I know that there is something wrong with me, or I would now be where I would have been if I had spent more time analysing my weaknesses, and less time building alibis to cover them’.
What If...You Want To Achieve Success

Identifying Your Excuses

Be honest with yourself in identifying the alibis you are guilty of making and pay attention to the final ‘IF’. As the list shows, the only thing stopping us from achieving success is ourselves, and once we recognise these alibis, we can avoid making them.

We have all been guilty of making excuses before for our lack of success. One of the most common is ‘IF I could just get a break’. The fact is if you keep waiting you will never receive a ‘break’. The only way to achieve something is to actively get up and go do it. Eventually through hard work and persistence that ‘break’ will come.

Start To Achieve Success

So if you have been thinking about starting a business just go straight ahead and do it today. If you are looking for ideas, we have a blog post to help; 10 online business ideas you can start today.

One of our favoured online businesses to start for beginners is affiliate marketing due to ease of access and being free to start. Check out our blog posts to learn more; How can you make money from affiliate marketing.

Book To Read To Achieve Success – Think and Grow Rich

If you wish to be financially successful then we highly recommend you read a copy of Think And Grow Rich for yourself. It will allow you to avoid falling into the pattern of bad habits and excuses that prevent so many people from achieving anything meaningful with their life.

The book details a thirteen step plan to set you on the path to wealth and success. It is widely regarded as one of the most helpful and influential books ever. It really makes you analyse yourself, seeing fully your weaknesses, excuses and bad habits. It will help change your outlook and develop a successful mindset. You can find it here on Walmart.

Remember as Plato once said ‘The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile’. Conquer yourself and achieve success!

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