Affiliate Links – Boost Earnings With Free Tool

Did you know you could be boosting your earnings from your affiliate links without even making a sale? There is a handy link shortening tool I like to use called that pays you for each click on your shortened links, and the great thing is it’s free for everybody to use.

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Affiliate Links - Boost Your Earnings With Free Tool

Payout rates vary depending on country with the top three being Australia, the UK and the US as seen in the payout table below. Payouts are per 1000 views so you can earn up to $5 per 1000 views depending on where your traffic comes from, you will earn from any traffic and the minimum is $1.50. The more clicks you get the more you will earn.

Affiliate Links - Boost Your Earnings With Free Tool

Simply sign up for a free OUO account here. Then from your dashboard click ‘Tools’. Then click ‘Quick Link’. You then simply copy the link and paste into your web browser, replacing the last part ‘’ with your own affiliate links and press enter. Your new short link will then be generated that you can use.

Affiliate Links - Boost Your Earnings With Free Tool

Payout Options

You can choose payout options from PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer and Bitcoin. Minimum withdrawal amounts are as follows;

  • PayPal – minimum withdraw of $5 USD
  • Payeer – minimum withdraw of $5 USD
  • Payoneer – minimum withdraw of $50 USD
  • Bitcoin – minimum withdraw of $20 USD

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