Can You Earn Money From Your Photos? We’ll Take A Look Below

In the not too distant past being able to earn money from your photos was only really possible if you were a professional photographer or enthusiast. This usually required a lot of expensive camera equipment and photo editing software.

Nowadays almost everybody has access to a smartphone with a good quality camera. Additionally, there are countless free filters and editing tools. These make it possible for ordinary people that are not photographers to take increasingly higher resolution and higher quality photos.

There was a time when images were mostly purchased for use in printed publications such as books, newspapers and magazines. With the rise of the Internet there is an increasing market of people and companies requiring fresh imagery to use on their websites and digital publications.

Both of these factors combined have opened up plenty of business opportunities for anybody with a phone and Internet connection to also make money from their photos.

Can You Earn Money From Your Photos?

So How Can You Earn Money From Your Photos?

Shutterstock is a global provider of stock photography. They allow anybody to join as a contributor for free, giving you the opportunity to upload and sell your photos. In addition to photos you can also upload and earn money from your videos. It is important to remember that your photos must be of good quality in order to be accepted. They also must be your own, you cannot upload somebody else’s material. Your photos and videos will be reviewed when you upload them to ensure they meet Shutterstock’s standards.

Once your images are approved, they can be made for sale through the Shutterstock website. There are 6 different levels of earnings depending on the volume of licences sold ranging from 15-40% commission. These earnings levels are reset every year to help encourage new and fresh images.

Whether you are a freelance photographer or just looking for a little side hustle, selling your photos can give you a handy second income stream.

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Don’t forget you can also sign up to more than one website to sell your photos on. So in addition to Shutterstock, you should also join PhotoJobz to really increase your earnings. They allow you to upload and sell your photos that will be used in books, magazines, catalogues and advertisements.

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And it really is as simple as that to create yourself another income stream.


How To Make More Money From Your Photos

Why stop at selling your photos? If you have any photography experience then why not also sell your knowledge and expertise? You could create an online photography course. This will provide another online income stream that is aligned with your hobby or skills. In fact it doesn’t even have to be photography. Any skills or knowledge you have in any field can be easily turned into an online course with Teachable.

Learn how to build your business with this FREE Teachable webinar

This 40-minute webinar is jam packed with need-to-know tips and strategies for creating a course on Teachable. You’ll walk away knowing how to:

• Build your course inside the Teachable platform

• Customize your site with your own branding and colors

• Publish your content and set up payments

• Structure your pricing options

• Organize your course content, module by module

• Build your sales page

• Upload videos (including bulk upload)

• Plus, more

Hands down, this webinar is the quickest way to get started building your online course on Teachable.

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So finally back to our original question, can you earn money from your photos? We have shown that there are several easy ways to earn money from your photos online and provided a great business idea for any freelancer or budding photographer. Please join our mailing list to receive content straight to your inbox. View our blog for more online business ideas including this post >>> 10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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