How To Rank Higher On Google For Free

If you run an online business then one of the easiest ways to increase sales is by driving more organic web traffic to your site. When you rank higher on Google and other search engines such as Bing, this should result in an increase in web traffic. The higher you rank on search engines will likely increase your click through rate and lead to more conversions. But how can you rank higher on Google for free?

How Can I Rank Higher On Google For Free?

Top Of The Results will allow you to increase your website’s organic rankings and overtake your competition. Unlike many other paid traffic methods, Top Of The Results focuses on replicating the actions of real users when clicking on and engaging with your website. This means robots are indistinguishable from real users by avoiding using any unnatural behavior. It will search for your pre-defined keywords in the search engine, click on your results and then browse multiple pages of your website for a defined duration.

You have full control over all aspects of your campaigns. This includes setting browsing duration, timezone, visitor country, device viewing type, bounce rates, keywords and more.

You can create traffic campaigns for;

  • Google Search
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Search
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Youtube Video
  • Direct URL access
Rank higher on Google for free with Top Of The Results
Rank higher on Google for free with Top Of The Results

Can I Really Rank Higher On Google For Free?

The best thing is you can start completely for free, great for owners of new websites to quickly improve rankings. There are monthly paid plans available with extra features, you can upgrade or downgrade any time to suit your requirements. You can create your own campaigns easily following the step by step process. Managed plans are also available to fully automate the process for you.

How Else Can I Increase My Ranking On Google?

When it comes to increasing your sites ranking on Google, you cannot solely rely on web traffic tools alone. This is because your site will require certain other quality factors that search engines will analyze. When you combine using this tool with good quality site content, fast loading and mobile friendly web pages, SSL encryption and quality backlinks, you should soon start to see improved results and begin ranking higher on search engines.

For more information and to compare the features of each plan, you can click below to get started

>>> Rank higher on Google for free

Don’t have the time to do SEO yourself? An alternative is to use the services of an SEO specialist on Fiverr to fully optimise and manage all aspects of your site’s SEO.

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