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6 Free Apps That Pay You For Using Them

Free apps that pay you for using them

Practically everybody these days has a smartphone. And everybody loves something for free. So why not combine the two of them to earn yourself some extra cash with these free apps to get money passively? Below are some free money making apps that pay you for using them. These free apps mostly just run in the background gathering data that is used to improve services.

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McMoney Free App

Earn money just for receiving text messages with the McMoney app. McMoney helps mobile operators improve mobile network operations by sending texts to your phone. You are paid for each text message received. Please note you don’t earn money from all your own text messages, only the ones sent by McMoney.

The way it works is simple. Download the app, follow the registration process and verify your phone number. Your earnings are credited to your account each time a text is successfully received from McMoney. Plus, earn extra bonuses for referring friends. Cashout is via PayPal only with minimum payment thresholds varying by country.

After you’ve installed the app and registered, no further intervention is required on your part. Just leave it running and earn each time a text comes through from McMoney. Only small amounts are earned from each received text. However they should be sent every few days, so as long as you keep the app running you are getting paid without doing anything. Anybody with a smartphone can join but the app is only available for Android users.

View McMoney

Free money making apps
Free money making apps

Mobile Xpression

The next of our free apps is called Mobile Xpression. It is a passive income app that just runs in the background after installing. It monitors how people use the Internet on mobile devices. This information is then used to improve web services in the future. They don’t collect any personally identifiable information.


Anybody with an android device can join for free. You get a £10 Amazon gift card after the first two weeks. Leave the app runnnig and you receive additional credits each week. These credits can be redeemed for more gift cards in future.

View MobileXpression

Free apps to get money - MobileXpression
Free apps to get money – MobileXpression


SavvyConnect is a free app that finds trends in online searches and applications. Install the app and leave it running in the background to earn monthly payments. The app can be downloaded to multiple devices and you earn extra for each device.

You can earn up to $5 per device per month. This is a nice, easy way to earn some extra money without having to do anything. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices so anybody can use it.

Check out SavvyConnect

Dosh Automatic Cashback App

Dosh is a great cashback app. Unlike other cashback apps, you don’t need to manually browse for retailers or scan receipts, this one is automatic. Simply download the app and register your payment cards. Each time you use your card to purchase at a participating retailer the cashback will automatically be credited to your Dosh account.

Cahback can be earned with over 10,000 business. You only need to accumulate $25 to redeem the cash. Redemptions can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or Venmo. Alternatively it can be donated to charity. Dosh can currently only be used in the United States.

Learn more about Dosh

S’more Lock screen App

S’more is a lock screen app that allows users to earn rewards by having ads and content placed on their lock screen. Just install the app and keep it running, you will accumulate points each day. There are also extra ways to earn points such as playing games and taking part in offers and trials. Points can be redeemed for gift cards for retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

Check out S’more

Free apps - S'more lock screen passive income app
Free apps – S’more lock screen passive income app


Honeygain allows you to earn passive income simply for sharing your internet. Make money from all your unused data! The internet connection you share is used by researchers and web intelligence companies. They use this data to extract insights into market research, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel fare aggregation, and SEO monitoring services.

It can be installed on all devices with support for Windows, Android, MacOS and Linux. It can be installed on multiple devices to increase your earnings. The more you share the more money you will make. They have a calculator available on the website. Use this to estimate your monthly earnings depending on how much data you wish to share, length of time per day and number of devices. You will earn $1 per 10GB of data shared.

Honeygain is available in all countries. Please use the link below to view further information and sign up for a free account. Currently you will receive a free $5 credited to your account just for signing up using the link below!

Check out Honeygain

Free Money Apps Conclusion

We hope you’ll enjoy using these free money making apps that will help you to make a little extra passive income. For more free rewards apps and passive income ideas check out our blog. Ensure you join our mailing list to receive the latest content direct to your inbox.

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