Effective Money Management With Free App

When it comes to personal money management, it can be difficult to stay in control. We all have so many different bills, bank accounts, credit cards and more that it can be hard to keep on top of all our incomes and outgoings each month. With all these different accounts and our busy lives it can be so easy to miss a payment or forget to cancel a subscription. Not to mention little time spent on shopping around for better deals could leave us paying over the odds for products and services.

Poor personal money management can cost us dearly from overpaying on bills to late payment charges and poor credit scores. But what is the best way to keep on top of all this? We will discuss below the most effective money management method to use with a free app that puts you in control.

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Free Money Management App

TrueBill is a free money management app that empowers users into taking back full control over their personal finances. The app has over 2 million users that have made a combined $100 million in savings.

Whether you want to budget more effectively or cut down on your spending, this app has your back. Packed full of features including budgeting tools, credit scores, automated savings, subscription management and more. We will take a look at all these features below.

Effective money management
Effective money management

TrueBill Money Management Features

Subscription Management

There are so many subscription services we use these days such as music and movie streaming that it can be difficult to manage them. You can now bring them all together and manage them in one convenient location in the TrueBill app. From here you can see which bill is due and when. If you discover you have any unwanted subscription services then TrueBill will cancel them on your behalf.

Autopilot Savings

Choose your savings goal and get automated savings set up within 1 minute. All savings are deposited in your own account with an FDIC insured banking partner. TrueBill will then analyze your accounts and determine the optimal time to transfer money to your savings account. This will ensure you always have enough money in your account to cover any upcoming payments. You are in full control and can amend or cancel this at any time.

Spending Insights

Ensure you stay on top of your spending with spending insights. This feature gives you a complete breakdown of all your incomings and outgoings when you connect your bank accounts. It will identify where you can make adjustments to your spending and saving habits. It will also monitor and alert you of upcoming charges or low balances so you are always in the know.

Credit Scores

Credit scores are extremely important. They have an impact on your future ability to take out any forms of credit such as loans, credit cards and mortgages. The better your credit score, the more likely you are to be accepted for credit and at better deals. TrueBill offers access to your complete credit report and credit history and explains what factors impact your score. They even offer identity theft protection up to $1 million.

Bill Negotiation

TrueBill concierge service automatically scans your bills to find where you could be making savings. TrueBill will negotiate on your behalf to get better deals on your bills such as cable and phone services. Connect your current car insurance and TrueBill will automatically find you the best deal. Plus there is also a guided process for getting refunds on bank fees for late payments and overdraft charges.


Easily set up a budget that automatically monitors your spending and keeps you on track to your goals. You can create goal trackers to help you based on historic spending patterns. Intelligent analysis is performed on your transactions so you can see how much you will have available to spend.

Payment Advance

TrueBill offers a pay advance feature for use in case of emergencies. This gives you access to an interest free advance of up to $100 to your account without any credit checks required. This is then paid back when your next paycheck comes in. This can give you great peace of mind to use as a back up in any unforeseen circumstances.

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Effective money management with TrueBill
Effective money management with TrueBill

Using TrueBill

To use TrueBill for effective money management you will need to connect your bank accounts and credit cards to the app. This is so it can fully analyse all of your transactions and find recurring bills and subscriptions. Other features such as automated savings can quickly and easily be set up from within the app.

TrueBill is free to use but there is a paid premium version that offers extra features. The premium version features the concierge service which automatically cancels your unneeded subscriptions. These can still be cancelled in the free version but you would need to do it manually. Bill negotiation is also included in the premium version as it is an intensive process but is only charged if the negotiation is successful.

The following features are included in the premium version;

  • Balance syncing
  • Premium chat
  • Cancellations concierge service
  • Custom categories
  • Unlimited budgets
  • Smart savings
  • And more

What we like about the premium version is that it is different to other apps and is not a one size fits all price. TrueBill allow you to choose your own price from a range on either a monthly or yearly basis. For monthly subscriptions you can choose to pay between $3 and $12 per month. For annual subscriptions you can choose to pay between $36 and $48 per year. This is great as you can choose an effective payment based on how much use and benefit you will get from each feature depending on your circumstances.

Of course you don’t have to upgrade to premium, the free version offers plenty of useful features that will meet many people’s needs. You can use the free version and upgrade to premium at a later date if you find you require more of the features.

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Conclusion – Using TrueBill For Effective Money Management

To recap, TrueBill offers many ways for users to save money and empowers people to take control of their finances. Among the main ways that TrueBill helps users save money are;

  • Cancelling Subscriptions – Stop paying for things you no longer need or use by cancelling them
  • Negotiate Bills – Get better rates on all your existing bills (paid version only)
  • Avoiding Overdrafts – Save on expensive overdraft fees by automatically tracking balances and upcoming bills to ensure you remain in the black

With many great features in the free version, users should definitely try it out to see what they could be saving.

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