Monetize Your Website With Advanced Ads

One of the best ways to monetize your website is with Ads. If your website runs on WordPress then there are many ad management plugins available. One of the best free ad management plugins is Advanced Ads. Below we will look at how this plugin can help you insert and manage all ads on your site.

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Monetize Your Website With Advanced Ads

What Is Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a free WordPress plugin that allows anybody to easily create, insert and mange ads on their website. Unlimited ads can be displayed through the plugin. It allows you to easily display ads across any device types using a variety of different ad coding types. It includes full support for Google AdSense.

Some of the main features of Advanced Ads are;

  • Supports ad codes from any network including static images, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and Shortcode.
  • Display an unlimited number of ads
  • Schedule ads to display on different time and dates
  • Display AMP ads
  • Connect your Google AdSense account and import ads

How To Create And Display Ads

Advanced Ads allows you to create and display your first ad in just a few clicks. Even if you are a complete beginner, there is a very simple Wizard to help set up your ads.

Firstly, you can install Advanced Ads for free using the form below.

Once installed, go to the Advanced Ads menu in your dashboard and select ‘Ads’, then ‘New’. The ad creation wizard will appear and is very straightforward to follow. Add a title and then select the ad type that you will be using. For instance if you are displaying ads from Amazon using JavaScript or HTML code then select Plain Text and Code. Click the next button.

Monetize Your Website With Advanced Ads

Enter Ad Code

Then enter your ad code in this section. If your ad code allows execution of PHP or shortcodes you can tick the boxes to enable them here.

ad code type

Display And Visitor Conditions

The next section allows you to specify display and visitor conditions if you wish to do so. These include options such as only displaying ads on a particular page or to a set number of visitors. If you just want to allow your ad to be displayed anywhere without conditions then skip this section.

Monetize Your Website With Advanced Ads

Choose Ad Placement

Choose a placement type for your ad. There are 7 placement options available in the free version;

  • Manual placement – Use as shortcode
  • Header – Displays at the top of your website in the header
  • Footer – Displays at the bottom of your website in the footer
  • Before content – Will appear before post content
  • After content – Will appear after post content
  • Content – Choose a paragraph where content is displayed
  • Sidebar widget – Use as a widget in your sidebar

Extra placement options are available in the premium version;

  • Random paragraph
  • Above the main headline
  • Middle of the content – based on the number of paragraphs
  • Custom position – place in any element on the front end
  • Post lists – display between post lists
  • Background ad – display as site background
  • Sticky ads
  • And more
advert placement

Advanced Ads Video Tutorial

Please view the short video tutorial below to see how it works.

The plugin comes packed with lots of free features for easily displaying your ads. There are even more advanced features in the premium version that can help to increase your revenue. These features include;

  • Pop up ads support
  • Ad-block ads
  • Custom ad placement
  • Click fraud protection
  • TCF integration

Essential sales and marketing terms you need to know; Marketing Terminology.

Install the Advanced Ads plugin to better manage your adds and monetize your website more efficiently.

If you don’t already have a website, get a WordPress site. There are several different plans available dependent on the type of site you require. You can even start for free. Although WordPress plugins can only be installed on Business and eCommerce plans. But you can upgrade and downgrade at any time.

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