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13 Steps To Riches And 30 Causes Of Failure

13 steps to riches and 30 causes of failure to avoid

One of the greatest motivational books ever written is Think and Grow Rich. Written by the motivational author Napoleon Hill, the book details a thirteen step plan to set you on the path to wealth and success. It is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1937. We will take a look at these 13 steps to riches below. Try to put them into action for yourself.

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In addition to the 13 steps to riches, Hill also included 30 of the most common causes of failure which we will also include here. See if you can identify which ones are applicable to you and avoid them.

Think and Grow Rich is widely regarded as one of the greatest self help books ever written. We will give an overview of the main points below. It is recommended you pick up a copy of the book as it expands in depth on each point.

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13 steps to riches
13 steps to riches

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The 13 steps to riches;

1. Desire

Desire is the first step to riches. If you want success then it is no good simply wishing or hoping for it, you must actively desire it. If you desire money then you have to imagine yourself already in possession of that money. Creating a deep desire will keep you motivated.

2. Faith

This is the visualization of, and belief in attainment of desire. It is a positive state of mind that needs to be created through auto-suggestion. You have to convince your sub-conscious mind that you believe you will achieve.


3. Auto-suggestion

The medium for influencing the subconscious mind. Auto-suggestion is self suggestion which will influence your subconscious mind with your faith in achieving your desires.

4. Specialized knowledge

There are 2 types of knowledge – general and specialized. General knowledge is something that everybody possesses to some degree. You must gain specialized knowledge in your area through personal experiences and observations.

5. Imagination

More importantly, creative imagination – we have the power to imagine any possibility. You must use your imagination to create plans which will transform your desires into riches.

6. Organized planning

Planning is critical to success, it lays out what needs to be done and when. Create detailed and practical plans and follow them. Having a well organised plan drawn up makes it more likely to be actioned.

7. Decision

You must conquer procrastination and develop the ability to make quick and definite decisions. Lack of decision making or changing decisions too often is a common cause of failure. You must make decisions quickly that you can change slowly over time. Develop the confidence in your ability to reach your own decisions rather than be influenced by others.

8. Persistence

This is the will-power that when combined with desire will bring success. It is the sheer determination to continue even after failures and setbacks. It is one that many people fail at by giving up at the first sign of misfortune.

9. Power of the master mind

The attainment of power from knowledge through the collaboration with others. This can be from different sources such as business networks, mentors etc. This is knowledge sharing and learning from others to expand your horizon.

10. The mystery of sex transmutation

Sex transmutation is the transferring of sexual energy into your work. The most powerful of human desires is sexual desire. As these desires are so strong, their powers can be transferred and applied into other creative or professional pursuits.

11. The subconscious mind

The connecting link that records in your mind thoughts from any of the 5 senses. You can plant any thought that you desire into your subconscious mind. This is linked to auto-suggestion.

12. The brain

The broadcasting and receiving of thoughts. Hill says thoughts are energy travelling at high vibrations. The human brain is capable of picking up vibrations of thoughts from others, working like a radio broadcast.

13. The sixth sense

The door to the temple of wisdom. This is the final principle that can only be understood and applied through mastery of the other 12 principles. It defies description.

We have now covered all the 13 steps to riches we need to take to achieve our financial success. Below, we will look below at the things that must be avoided in order to achieve success.

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Follow the 13 steps to riches
Follow the 13 steps to riches

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30 Causes Of Failure To Avoid;

  1. Unfavourable hereditary background – This may be the only one that is difficult to overcome
  2. Lack of a well defined purpose in life
  3. Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity
  4. Insufficient Education
  5. Lack of self-discipline
  6. Ill health
  7. Unfavourable environmental influences during childhood
  8. Procrastination
  9. Lack of persistence
  10. Negative personality
  11. Lack of controlled sexual urge
  12. Uncontrolled desire for ‘something for nothing’
  13. Lack of well defined power of decision
  14. One or more of the six basic fears;
    • Poverty
    • Criticism
    • Ill health
    • Loss of someone’s love
    • Old age
    • Death
  15. Wrong selection of a mate in marriage
  16. Over caution
  17. Wrong selection of associates in business
  18. Superstition and prejudice
  19. Wrong selection of a vocation
  20. Lack of concentration or effort
  21. The habit of indiscriminate spending
  22. Lack of enthusiasm
  23. Intolerance
  24. Intemperance
  25. Inability to cooperate with others
  26. Possession of power that was not acquired through self effort
  27. Intentional dishonesty
  28. Egotism and vanity
  29. Guessing instead of thinking
  30. Lack of capital

Identify Your Causes Of Failure And Take Action

Number 3 – lack of ambition is one of the top causes of failure. It is the fact that many people do not even try to begin with. And of those that do, number 9 – lack of persistence is often the downfall.

How many of these are causing you to fail? Review the list and analyse yourself honestly. By identifying where you are going wrong, you can make changes and cut out these negatives. Then review the 13 steps to riches again and identify which of these are missing from your life.

Ready to put the 13 steps to riches into action and start achieving success? Grab a copy of Think and Grow Rich here

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