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When it comes to investments it is important to conduct extensive research before trading. There are lots of investment research platforms online to help you. Some of these are free and some charge premium subscriptions. One of the highest quality online investment research platforms is Atom Finance. We’ll look at what this platform has to offer and why individual investors should use it to conduct research.

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What Is Atom Finance?

Atom finance is an online platform helping to democratize investment research by providing individual investors access to institutional quality tools and resources. It is available both on the web and via an app so can be used anywhere.

Atom does not provide trading services but does allow you to connect your brokerage account to view your holdings. It provides tools that allow investors to comprehensively research and analyse data to make better informed trading decisions. Find the top trading platforms here; Trading And Investing Platforms

Atom currently covers research on all US listed stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Although they are expanding into other areas including cryptocurrency.

Get cutting-edge investing tools and data, for everyone with Atom Finance

Free Quality Investment Research Platform

Platform Features

The Atom investment research platform is loaded with institutional quality features. These are designed to help empower investors to make smarter decisions. We’ll take a look at each feature below.

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Screen And Monitor

Screen stocks by setting metrics such as valuation multiples or growth rates to find stocks that match your exact criteria. You can then make real-time adjustments as necessary.

Add chosen metrics and stocks to a watch-list to track and compare performance over time.

Multiple watch-lists can be created to compare different sectors or strategies. Share with fellow investors to compare, allowing you to identify better strategies.

Search Documents

Easily analyze news, presentations, transcripts and SEC filings with the news and document search. Quickly narrow down search results by entering keywords or phrases related to your query. Save searches and set up alerts to be notified when new documents are available to ensure you never miss anything.

Track Investments

Connect all your investment accounts to easily review and analyze all your underlying holdings across your entire portfolio. You are even able to benchmark accounts against indices to easily compare performance compared to the broader market.

Atom will aggregate all of your accounts to provide comprehensive statistics allowing you to see how diversified your investments are.

It will even provide underlying stock holdings within funds and ETFs. This will give a clearer picture of your entire portfolio and allow you to make more informed decisions.

Research Companies

Powerful tools and data are provided to empower you to make smarter investment decisions. Institutional grade company data is automatically gathered, giving you access to the same data as Wall Street professionals. From this data, custom charts and graphs can easily be created or even exported to Excel.

Get access to consensus estimates to see what Wall Street analysts are recommending including analyst history of stocks.

Plan Structure

The plan currently costs $6.99 per month having been reduced from $9.99 per month in October, offering excellent value. There is no longer a free plan available but you still get access to a free 7 day trial of the premium version containing the features listed in the table below.

Breaking News & AlertsYes
Daily Market BriefingsYes
Price Change ExplanationsYes
Analyst CommentaryYes
Equity Research SummariesYes
Price Target UpdatesYes
Real Time Stock QuotesYes
Historical Company FinancialsYes
Analyst Forecasts & EstimatesYes
Investor DocumentsYes
Institutional Investor HoldingsYes
ETF & Mutual Fund HoldingsYes
Premium KPIsYes
Account AggregationYes
Mock AccountsYes
Fund Look ThroughYes
Stock ScreenerYes
News & Document SearchYes
Excel ReportYes

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Conclusion – Using Atom Finance Investment Research Platform

Atom finance offers a comprehensive and high quality investment research platform, giving individual investors the same information usually reserved for professionals. It is packed full of powerful features like stock screening, statistics and research tools that will help make you a better trader. We’d recommend you try out the free trial to see for yourself how beneficial this platform is to investors of any experience level.

New features such as cryptocurrency analysis are planned for the future, offering even more benefit to users. In the meantime you can learn more about cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin here; Bitcoin Cryptocurrency – What It Is

Get cutting-edge investing tools and data, for everyone with Atom Finance

Interested in investing? Then you may like to read this post; What Are The Different Types Of Dividends?

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