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2 Ways To Make Money Online Testing Software

Make money online by testing software

There are lots of different ways to make money online including online freelancer jobs. Anybody can become a freelancer and work from home in many different roles. One of these is testing software online. And you don’t need any special equipment or experience.

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Companies need to test their websites, apps and software to ensure they are functional and fit for purpose. By testing out new software and updates, companies can fix any bugs and issues before launching them to the public.

They use the services of online testing platforms made up of people around the world of all abilities. These communities test out the software and identify if there are any bugs present. They then write up a simple bug report explaining any issues found and are paid for performing this service.

It may sound technical but it is actually very simple. You don’t need to be a developer as you are usually running apps and software as you would normally. So all you need is a computer with internet access and the basic ability to navigate websites, apps and software. But any technical knowledge or experience you do have could open up more in depth technical projects with greater earnings.

Below we will look at two of the best software testing platforms you could join to earn extra online income. One platform has paid projects for all experience levels, so all you require is a basic understanding of common technology. The other is aimed at qualified tech professionals and has much more serious higher paying projects.

How to make money online testing software
How to make money online testing software

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Sites To Make Money User Testing


uTest is the largest online community of testers in the world, giving access to the latest technology before release. It is open to people of all experience levels, not just techies and can be accessed worldwide. There are a wide range of paid testing projects on the platform and the earnings vary with each project.


The types of projects available are very wide ranging and cover areas including;

  • Smart devices
  • Games consoles
  • Operating systems
  • Streaming services
  • Payment services
  • Banking apps
  • Security
  • And much more

Once you create a free account you can access your dashboard. From here you can complete as much of the profile information as you wish. The more devices and services you add, the greater the likelihood of receiving more opportunities.

If you speak more than one language add them in to your profile. Companies use uTest from all over the world meaning lots of their services are provided in multiple languages. So it’s not just all in English. This can open up more paid project opportunities to make money user testing software in other languages.

There is an online academy to take part in short courses. These are to assess your ability and the results of these will affect your invites to paid projects. You will also be rated on your quality and activity level with higher levels receiving higher payout rates. Build up your rating by submitting quality reports and taking regular projects.

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Make money user testing software online
Make money user testing software online

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Earnings On uTest

Earnings vary depending on the complexity of the project. This can be from $10 for a simple task to hundreds of dollars for more complex and time consuming tasks. Lots of projects are confidential and by invite only so it isn’t always possible to see details of all projects.

An example of a current project; we have just been invited to test a bank’s new online business account service. Anybody with a business account are asked to open up a new account with this provider. Payment for this is $100 plus another $100 for each new person they refer.

Testers are paid in US dollars but this can be converted to your local currency. Payment is by PayPal or Payoneer.

Additional earning opportunities are available such as installing and running internet speed test software. Earn commission by referring your friends to complete projects.

uTest is one of our favored sites when it comes to online freelancing jobs to make money online. It offers interesting projects, fair compensation for your time and you can learn new skills. There are projects available worldwide in a variety of languages and skill levels. This makes uTest accessible for just about anybody that wants to make money online. We’d recommend you give it a try.

It’s free to join and there is a simple sign up process – Join uTest.

Anybody can make money online by testing software
Anybody can make money online by testing software


Lionbridge is a technology platform offering content, translation and testing services to businesses worldwide. They offer both full and part time remote working across various technology related roles. Unlike uTest, these are more serious job roles that require the right skills, qualifications and experience to apply.

There are many types of technical roles available including developers, project managers, content editors, translators and more. View the latest roles from around the globe on Lionbridge. Before applying for online jobs ensure your resume stands out with a free resume review.

FlexJobs recently named Lionbridge the #1 company to watch for remote jobs in 2021 from over 57,000 companies. It is a great option for people with technical qualifications and relevant experience. Interested in gaining a technical qualification to improve your career prospects? Get qualified with the leaders in online certification at ExpertRating.

We like that Lionbridge offers professional level jobs that are truly remote working opportunities. If you have the right qualifications then it is possible to find higher paying jobs compared with uTest.

View the latest online roles to make money testing software at Lionbridge.

More Ways To Make Money Online

If you have technical skills such as coding, testing or translation and are looking for freelance work you could offer your services through online platforms such as Insolvo. This way you have the ability to set your own pricing structure and choose the jobs you wish to do.

We cover lots of ways to make money online on our website you might be interested in learning more about. Please join our newsletter and check out our blog for more.

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