10 More Online Business Ideas

There are multiple ways that anybody can earn an income online. As an online freelancer you can achieve better earnings and greater freedom and flexibility than with a traditional job. Below we will look at 10 more online business ideas you could start. This follows on from our previous post which you can read here; 10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start.

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Resume Writing

We all know that the first step to landing a job starts with a great resume. However lots of people struggle to write one effectively. If you are good at writing then you could create your own online resume review and writing service.

This would be an especially good service to run if you have experience of recruiting or HR. Although anybody that is good at writing should be able to publish a well structured resume.

Having a qualification to add to your credentials will certainly help you stand out. Get certified by taking a short online resume writing course. See this post covering freelance writing.

Online Business Ideas - create a resume writing service

Many people are willing to pay for a resume if you can offer a genuine quality service. And there are lots of outlets online to sell your services such as Fiverr. Alternatively you could create your own website and promote it. Add webinars to your website covering resume writing tips to increase user engagement and build authority in your sector. See how to create a webinar.

There are many resume review and writing websites and you should aim to offer something better than your competitors to stand out. Take a look at this resume writing service to see how they work; free resume review.

Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the process of purchasing domain names with the aim of selling them on quickly for a profit. If you choose the right domain names then it could prove extremely profitable. It is a simple business model to understand and doesn’t take a lot of cash to start.

A domain is the name of a website, for instance our domain is ‘allaboutthatmoney.com’. As you can imagine some domain names are more desirable to people and companies than others. And they can be willing to pay a high price for these domains.

Use a service such as NameCheap to research and purchase domains. They can be sold on digital marketplaces such as Flippa. These sites allow buying and selling of digital assets including domains and online businesses.

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Create & Sell Handmade Products Online

If you are any good at arts and crafts you could monetize your hobby by selling your unique homemade products online. There are many websites available for selling homemade goods with the most popular being Etsy. Some great alternatives to Etsy are Amazon Handmade, Bonanza and ArtFire.

sell unique homemade products online

It is important to note that there are selling fees for using these platforms which vary by provider. You can cut out the middle man by creating your very own eCommerce site and selling products directly to customers.

Of course there are still costs involved such as web hosting and payment processing fees. But these costs will be lower and you get full control over your site. A downside to creating your own site is the time it can take to create and promote it. Although you can always hire a professional to do this for you on Fiverr.


Blogging is something that anybody can easily do – you don’t have to be the world’s greatest writer. Pick a niche and write quality, helpful and informative posts that you publish online. You can then monetize your blog with advertising and affiliate marketing.

The niche you select will have bearing on how many posts you can create and how easy they are to monetize. If you choose a subject that’s too narrow then you won’t have much scope to write lots of content from it. You need to choose something that you can continuously write about and add value to your readers. So preferably something you have at least a passing interest in that you will be able to comfortably write about.

WordPress is the most popular blog and website builder and is very easy to use for a beginner. They also allow you to start a blog for free. As you grow you can upgrade your plan for extra features. Get started with a WordPress blog.

crate and monetize a blog

Monetize Your Blog

Posting quality long form content regularly with a focus on good SEO will help your posts rank higher on search engines and help drive more traffic to them.

Once you are receiving regular traffic you can monetize your blog. One way to do this is by displaying ads on your site. This can easily be done with Google AdSense. Once you sign up you can simply copy and paste a line of code into your site header to automatically display ads.

Another common monetization option is through affiliate marketing. This is where you promote a product or service in your post by including referral links. You then get paid a commission payment when a user takes action through your links. Most commonly this is when they complete a purchase. Affiliate marketing is one of the most common online business ideas, learn more about it here; How Can You Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

Learn more about blogging in our guide; Start Blogging To Make Passive Income.

Create & Sell Apps

Got an idea for an app and have development expertise? Then you could consider creating and selling your own apps. Thousands of apps are available covering everything from games to payment processing to shopping. There seems to be an app for almost everything these days although there is always room for more.

online business idea - create and sell apps

Some of the different options to pursue;

  • Identify a process that could be improved through an app
  • Find a better way of doing something than apps already available
  • Have an idea for a new game
  • An app for your own business such as an online store

There are several ways to monetize an app including through ads and/or in-app purchases and more. Learn more here; Create Your Own App – Business Idea and learn the different Pricing Models And Strategies to use for your business.

Even if you don’t currently have experience of app development it is quite easy to learn with quality online courses. You can even build an app in minutes with no coding experience with Appypie.

Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, sometimes referred to as a VA is one of the easiest ways to earn an income online. You would be offering your assistance to businesses online performing clerical services such as;

  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • Social media management
  • And more

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs need to outsource lots of the day to day tasks in their business to save time. This provides plenty of opportunities for VAs to earn good money for relatively simple and straightforward administrative tasks. Although more work may be available to those with greater technical expertise.

online business ideas - become a virtual assistant

By becoming a freelance VA you will have greater flexibility and freedom. There are many ways to offer your services including through platforms such as Fiverr or specialist VA and online jobs platforms like ClickEarners. Learn more about becoming a freelancer here; Earn Money As An Online Freelancer.

Consultancy Services

If you are a professional that has experience within a niche then you could earn great money offering consultancy services to businesses. Businesses across the world of all sizes are looking for the best expert advice to improve processes, strategies and profits.

It’s not just big businesses that hire consultants, there are many solo entrepreneurs and startups looking for advice on how to start and grow their businesses. People that are new to business can often feel overwhelmed and are willing to pay for anything that will genuinely help them such as setting up a Shopify store, registering a business or setting business objectives.

offer your services to business and entrepreneurs as a business coach or consultant

Consultancy work commonly covers areas such as finance, HR, management and business strategy. You would need to be qualified and experienced in your chosen industry field in order to provide expert advice. Get qualified with a business coach certification to add to your resume and prove to businesses you are fully qualified.

There are different ways to work as a consultant. You can find and apply for consultancy jobs through online job boards such as FlexJobs. Or you can offer your services as a freelancer on platforms such as Fiverr. How much you charge will depend on what type of services you are offering and how much value you are providing the customer. For those people with the right expertise in a chosen field, consultancy work can prove quite lucrative.

Create WordPress Plugins

If you run a site based on WordPress you’ll know there are thousands of plugins available. These cover everything from security to social media integration and sharing to eCommerce and site monetization. Anybody with an understanding or experience of PHP should consider creating their own plugins and monetizing them. Although PHP is a relatively easy to learn scripting language so you may wish to undertake introductory PHP training to gain the necessary skills.

create your own WordPress plugins and sell them

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder and has a huge plugin marketplace. So this offers the biggest audience to market your plugin to.

One of the top ways to monetize a plugin is by using the freemium model. This is where you would offer a free version of the plugin with basic or limited features. To get full functionality users would have to pay to upgrade to the premium version. An example of a freemium WordPress plugin is Advanced Ads which is an excellent ad management plugin. It has lots of features in the free version but greater features to help monetize your site come in the premium version.

Test Software

Companies and individuals pay users to test out their new software before launch to identify bugs. Examples of services that require testing are websites, software, apps and games.

There are different sides to testing software including from a technical standpoint and front end functionality. So it isn’t just a job for programmers and technically skilled people.

make money online by testing software

As long as you possess basic digital skills like being able to navigate around an app or website then there are testing opportunities available. Sites such as uTest allow anybody to join their online testing community. These digital testing platforms allow you to gain access to new software and technologies before public release. They have paid projects available worldwide where users are asked to test different applications in order to identify bugs. Your job would be to record and write up your findings and get paid for it.

For qualified and experienced testers you can also offer your services as a freelancer using platforms such as Fiverr. Lots of people turn to Fiverr to get their products tested for issues and vulnerabilities. Test and review apps and websites for security, performance and usability etc.

Find more information in this post; Make Money Online By Testing Software.

Become A Problem Solver

Businesses and organisations all over the world encounter issues all the time that they cannot resolve themselves. So they turn to the public for help through online problem solving networks such as Ideaconnection.

Problems are wide ranging and could include how to improve production processes or integrate new technology. There are a lot of challenges centred around environmental and medical problems such as how to reduce the use of antibiotics.

earn money from solving problems for companies

Companies pay big money for successful solutions, with the average payout being $5000. Although it is possible to earn more depending on the complexity of the issue.

We must also stress here that it is not an easy task. A lot of problems are quite technical and you would need to put in the work. Some of these are open to everybody whereas some are only open to experts within a particular field. But achieve a breakthrough and it could prove extremely lucrative. For example there is currently a CO2 conversion open challenge with a reward of $1,000,000!

To get started create a free account onIdeaconnection. Read more information in this post; Get Paid For Solving Problems.

10 More Online Business Ideas Conclusion

Lots of these online business ideas offer a great opportunity of becoming a freelancer. As a freelancer you can gain more freedom and flexibility, set your own pricing and create a better work/life balance. However before venturing out on your own for the first time you need to ensure you are prepared for this challenge.

See the different types of pricing strategies you can utilise here; Pricing Models And Strategies.

When working for yourself you need to be disciplined and manage your time more effectively. You will also need to learn the art of marketing and self-promotion if you want to achieve success. Learn all the necessary skills for becoming a digital freelancer with Udacity. This course will teach you how to market yourself, manage your projects effectively and build a personal brand; learn more here.

Essential sales and marketing terms you need to know; Marketing Terminology.

Find more online business ideas on our blog and in this post; 10 Online Business Ideas You Can Start.

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