Get Paid For Solving Problems

Do you like a challenge? Are you a critical thinker that’s good at solving complex problems and want to be rewarded for your solutions? There is a way of solving problems for money. In this post we’ll explore how to get paid for solving problems that businesses are looking for solutions to.

Businesses around the world are met with many challenges on a daily basis such as integrating new technology. Businesses encounter problems for which they are unable to find the answers from within. When they are unable to solve problems themselves, they turn to the public to help provide solutions. This provides everybody with an opportunity to get paid for solving problems.

Finding A Solution To These Problems

When it comes to solving problems for money, the IdeaConnection platform is one of the best. It is an open innovation platform and expert solver network with an 80%+ solver rate.

Businesses globally encounter problems in a multitude of areas including; big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, electrical, mechanical, chemical, medical, nanotechnology, virtual reality and more.

These businesses can pay big money for successful solutions, with the average payout being $5000. Although it is possible to earn more depending on the complexity of the issue.

Get paid for solving problems
Get paid for solving problems

How To Get Paid To Solve Problems

In order to get paid to solve problems, you’ll first need to register a free solver account on IdeaConnection. During the registration process you’ll be asked to select from areas that you have interest and experience in. This is to ensure you are only invited to relevant problems.

Once registered you will receive email invites to solve challenges – you accept whichever ones appeal to you. Challenges can be both individual but are commonly solved in small teams.

Once you’ve accepted a challenge you will be introduced to your team members consisting of three to five people. The idea being that a group of people collaborating will have better ideas than working individually. Your team will be given an online ThinkSpace to meet, ask questions and exchange ideas. One team member will then be chosen to write up the solution for the seeker.

Many of the challenges are confidential in nature. You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to participate in challenges.

If your solution is accepted then you should be notified within 30 days and payment is made within 60 days. Although it may take longer if scientific verification is required. If the solution is rejected then no payment will be received.

Get paid to solve problems with IdeaConnection
Get paid to solve problems with IdeaConnection

Get Paid For Solving Problems Conclusion

We must stress here that although you can get paid to solve problems, the problem solving is not an easy task. A lot of problems are quite technical and you would need to put in the work. A genuine interest in using your skills to solve problems is beneficial.

Some of these are open to everybody whereas some are only open to experts within a particular field. But achieve a breakthrough and it could prove extremely lucrative. For example there is currently a CO2 conversion open challenge with a reward of $1,000,000!

Anybody can join IdeaConnection but you will need to dedicate time and be able to work in a team. It is the ideal way to work as a freelancer or in your spare time to earn extra income online. It also makes for a great addition to your resume.

Find more information and get paid for solving problems with IdeaConnection.

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