Create Your Own App To Boost Sales

In this post we will look at the business benefits of creating an app and how to create your own app without any coding. We’ll also look at the different ways you can monetize an app.

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Apps Overview

Apps are mobile applications designed specifically for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Each app is usually designed with a specific functionality in mind such as chat, video, gaming or eCommerce.

Apps are downloaded to a user’s device from online app stores such as Google Play, Amazon and Apple App Store. As mobile device usage continues to grow so does mobile app usage. There were 218 billion app downloads in 2020 generating revenues of over $318 billion. According to data by Statista mobile app revenue is predicted to reach over $613 billion by 2025.

Reasons To Create Your Own App

You may be wondering, why should I create an app for my business? There are lots of reasons to create your own app including;

  • Growing mobile device and app usage
  • Increasing revenues generated from apps
  • Several different revenue models available to monetize apps
  • Great promotional tool and lead magnet for businesses
  • Can accompany an existing website to offer extra ease of use to customers e.g eCommerce
  • Highly profitable due to low ongoing maintenance costs
  • Easy to create with no-code app builders for anybody without coding experience
Create your own app
Create your own app

What Types Of Apps Can You Create?

Apps can be created for just about anything – create one as a standalone business or to complement your existing business. There are many types of apps to create including;

  • Dating Apps
  • Booking services – transport, restaurants etc.
  • eCommerce
  • Games
  • Business
  • Educational

If you already run a business then an app can be a great way to help promote your brand and generate more leads.

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How Can You Monetize Apps?

When you create your own app, there are lots of different monetization options. It is possible to use more than one monetization method and which you use may depend on what type of app you are creating. Some of the main ways to monetize apps include;

  • Advertisements
  • Subscription payments – commonly used on things like dating apps where users often pay a monthly fee for access to a service.
  • Paid App – Create a premium paid app where users pay a one off fee to use the app.
  • In app purchases/upgrades – Use the ‘freemium’ model where you provide a basic app for free but have premium features that users must pay to unlock.
  • Sell products or services through the app – these can be either physical or digital products or services such as takeaway food delivery apps etc.
  • User donations

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Where To Publish Your App

When you create an app it is important to consider which mobile operating system you want it to be compatible on. The two main mobile operating systems that dominate the global market are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. You can make an app compatible for one or both of these operating systems.

These two company’s app stores are the largest in the world for app distribution. Google Play is the largest marketplace in terms of number of apps available with over 3.48 million with Apple App Store offering over 2.22 million. These are the two app stores that will offer the broadest reach for your app but with this comes a lot of competition.

How to create your own app and publish it
How to create your own app and publish it

App Store Fees

It is important to note that there are some fees involved for distributing your apps through app stores. Firstly there are developer fees you must pay to join and distribute an app on these app stores. Google Play charges a one off $25 fee whereas Apple charges an annual $99 fee. These are the only upfront fees you would need to pay.

The other fees you may pay are transaction fees. These only apply when you make a sale, either selling an app or an in app purchase. Google charges a 30% transaction fee. So for example if you were selling an app for $10 then you would receive $7 (70%) and Google would receive the remaining $3 (30%). Apple also has a 30% commission rate but this only applies to developers whose app sales have exceeded $1 million per year. Developers whose sales are less than $1 million per year will only pay 15% transaction fees.

Alternative Platforms For Distributing Your Apps

There are many alternatives including Amazon App Store which offers another mainstream marketplace to distribute your app. But there are also many more sites that although smaller they may cater to more of a niche and make it easier to reach your target audience. They may also have lower or no developer fees. Some other alternatives include Samsung Galaxy Apps, 1Mobile Market and GetJar.

How To Create Your Own App

You may now be thinking, this all sounds good but how do I create an app for my business when I don’t understand coding? Well now you don’t need any coding experience to create an app. Appy Pie is the #1 rated, award winning no-code app builder, allowing anybody to create an app in just minutes. No more paying for expensive developers. Whatever type of app you require you can easily build on the Appy Pie platform to your own specifications.

Create your own app with Appy Pie no code app builder
Create your own app with Appy Pie no code app builder

Appy Pie has an intuitive user-friendly drag and drop builder that anybody can use without any technical know how. You have full control over app layout, colour schemes and features that can be customized to any app type.

In addition to building an app from scratch you can also easily convert your existing website into an app. Appy Pie provides a simple online conversion tool – simply add the URL of your website and all of your web pages will be added into the app without any extra coding required. This is a great tool for existing business owners to create an accompanying app to their website.

Why Use AppyPie To Create Your Own App?

The main reasons to use Appy Pie to create your own app are;

  • No coding required
  • Can start for free
  • Simple to use – can create complete apps in minutes
  • Can easily convert an existing website to an app
  • Makes it easy to monetize apps
  • Easy to update apps
  • Helps to publish apps in the main app stores

It’s not just for creating apps. Appy Pie has simple no-code development for websites, chat-bots, graphics, task automation and live chat applications. So you can create, connect and automate your entire business easily from one central platform.

Easily create the perfect app in minutes without any coding, start for free with Appy Pie.

Create Your Own App Conclusion

With both mobile device and app usage consistently growing there has never been a better time to create an app. Apps serve a specific purpose and can offer mobile users better functionality and convenience than a mobile version of a website. They can be used to reach new audiences, increase user engagement with your brand and increase sales.

Apps can be created for almost anything from eCommerce to services and games to educational apps. They can be either free or paid for. As we’ve seen there are lots of monetization opportunities from selling a premium app or offering in-app purchases, offering a subscription service or displaying advertising.

There are app-store commission fees to take into consideration but these are only taken when a sale is made. As apps are digital products, there is no additional costs as there would be with physical goods such as shipping fees etc. This can create much higher profit margins when compared to selling physical products.

And now no-code app builders like Appy Pie are democratizing app and software building allowing anybody to create their own apps without any coding knowledge.

So whether you have an idea for the next big app or just want an additional lead generation tool, creating an app is a great idea to help your business grow.

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