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Medium 101: Make Money From A Blog

Earn money from blog posts on Medium

If you write blog posts or articles for your website then you are probably already familiar with the many ways to make money from a blog. Popular blog monetization methods include advertising and affiliate marketing. Today we will look at an additional way to make money from a blog when you publish on Medium.

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Although you don’t need a blog to publish on Medium – anybody can become a writer and earn money through this platform.

Want more ways to earn money from your writing no matter what level of experience you have? Check out this post on how to become a freelance writer to earn extra money online.

What Is Medium?

So firstly, what is Medium? Medium is a digital publishing platform with over 100 million users that is open to everybody. Content creators include all types of writers both professional and amateur including bloggers and industry experts.

All types of content can be found on medium from politics to business to health and well-being and everything in between.

Anybody can use this platform to publish their own articles and posts – you don’t need a blog. But with such a large worldwide user base it is a great platform to advertise your blog for free.

You can either write a post directly on Medium or import your own blog posts by copying your links. This will help get your blog posts in front of more readers and help promote your site.


The Medium platform is not built on advertising to make money. It remains free for readers and publishers to use. But readers are limited to the number of articles they can access – there are paid readership subscriptions to gain unlimited access. It remains free for content creators to publish an unlimited number of articles.

There are also two ways to earn money from blog posts on Medium that we will look at in the next section. Take a look at Medium.

Learn the most common business pricing strategies and see the common marketing terminology you need to know.

Publish on Medium to make money from a blog
Publish on Medium to make money from a blog

How To Earn Money From Blog Posts On Medium

There are two ways to earn money as a writer on Medium, these are calculated from member reading time and referred memberships. To be able to earn money from your posts on Medium you must join their Partner Program. In order to join the Partner Program you are required to publish at least 1 article, have at least 100 followers and publish at least once every 6 months.

Referred Memberships

As noted, Medium is free for readers to access limited articles – currently three articles per month. However readers can gain unlimited access to all articles ad free for a small monthly or annual subscription fee. You can promote your referral link on your own sites and in your articles. A personalised referral landing page is also provided. You earn 50% of each membership fee.

Member Reading Time

The second way to earn is by the length of reader time. The longer the time members spend reading your content the more you will earn. Although anybody can see your content, you only earn money when a subscribing member reads your content. If non-members read your article and then become a member within 30 days you will still earn money from this.

Earn Money From Blog Posts On Medium

Why You Should Publish On Medium

There are several reasons you should consider using Medium to publish your articles. These include;

  • Approximately 100 million monthly active users – That’s a huge new potential audience you could be reaching from around the world.
  • Roughly 725,000 users are paid subscribers according to Axios – This is up from 400,000 in 2019.
  • 61.7% of traffic comes from search results
  • Domain authority of 95 – The higher the score the greater the ability to rank
Earn Money From Blog Posts On Medium
Earn Money From Blog Posts On Medium
Source – SimilarWeb

Make Money From A Blog Conclusion

Publishing on Medium offers a very simple way to earn money from blog posts, creating you an additional passive income stream as well as helping build your audience.

If you use WordPress for your blog then simply installing a post sharing plugin will keep the whole process of publishing on Medium automated.

You won’t really need to do anything on Medium except setting up your account and promoting it to gain followers. Start publishing your posts and articles on Medium and these other free sites to promote your blog. You can also use these free edu backlinks for an SEO boost.

Another site to consider publishing your posts to is Quora. Learn more in our post about how to make money publishing articles on Quora.

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