Make Money From AI Chatbots

In this post we will look at what AI chatbots are and the benefits of chatbots to both customers and businesses. See how a chatbot could help to grow your business. Don’t own a website or need your own AI chatbot? Did you know you could still be making money from chatbots. Read the rest of this post to discover how.

What Are AI Chatbots?

AI chatbots are software applications utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to conduct online chat conversations. They are used in place of a human operator by simulating the way a human would behave in conversation.

Chatbots are increasingly being used for all types of customer service and engagement purposes, replacing the need for a human operator. Many websites now use chatbots for the benefits they bring which will be discussed below.

Benefits Of AI Chatbots

There are several benefits a business can gain from using chatbots. These include the following;

  • Customers receive an instant response. One human operator can only respond to one query at a time. Chatbots can automatically respond to multiple requests instantly.
  • They can operate continuously around the clock 24/7.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Huge cost savings to the business compared with hiring and training customer service agents.
  • Increased customer engagement and interaction.
  • Can aid better customer retention as a customer can get their query dealt with more easily than going through other channels or knowledge bases.
  • Increased sales due to bots giving faster responses and recommendations.
  • Bots have greater program-ability to automate other repetitive business tasks.
Make Money From AI Chatbots

Who Can Benefit From Using AI Chatbots?

Any type of online business can benefit from using bots on their websites and apps. It’s not just businesses but anybody that wants to easily automate tasks, engage customers, generate more leads and increase sales can benefit.

Due to their versatility they are suited to;

  • Affiliate Review Sites
  • List-Building Pages
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Sales Letters
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Local Business Sites
  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Consultancy Websites
  • Freelance Websites
  • And pretty much any other type of website

Huge Fortune 500 Companies like Facebook, Spotify, Starbucks, Staples, The Wall Street Journal, Pizza Hut, Amtrak, Disney, H&M and Mastercard have all used Chatbots. If you’ve ever used a live chat with any of these businesses, it’s likely you’ve interacted with a chatbot.

How Do You Create An AI Chatbot?

You may be thinking it would be too expensive and complex to develop your own AI chatbot. But that’s not the case. There are automated chatbot software that use simple drag and drop builders to create your own bots. Our preferred provider is Conversiobot, an entirely cloud-based app that allows anybody to create their own bots without any knowledge or skills.

How Does Conversiobot Work?

ConversioBot’s a cloud-based app. There’s nothing to install. You can even test out the chatbot for yourself here; test Conversiobot.

You simply login to the app and use the simple “drag and drop” builder to create a chatbot for your website in minutes.

Make Money From AI Chatbots with conversiobot

Is It Easy To Use?

Yes, even a newbie can get started right away. No special skills or knowledge are required.

You don’t need to know a thing about coding to use the simple builder to create a Chatbot for your website in minutes.

I Don’t Have Time To Setup My Own Chatbot. Is There An Even Easier Way?

You can use a range of “Done-For-You” chatbots right away on your website.

They’ve been built for a wide range of categories and cover many popular niches. You can add them to your website in under 60 seconds!

Take a look at the video presentation below for a demonstration on how Conversiobot works.


Do I Need A Website To Make Money With AI Chatbots?

As stated in the introduction, anybody can make money with chatbots, not just website owners. You don’t need a website to profit with ConversioBot.

It comes with an UNLIMITED Commercial License.

That means you can create unlimited Chatbots and sell them to businesses. You keep ALL the profit!

There’s step-by-step video training and “copy and paste” sales templates to help make the selling process incredibly simple.

Think about how many businesses out there have a website and don’t have a Chatbot.

It’s very common to sell them for $200 to $500 each! Sometimes even more! There are lots of places to sell chatbots including online freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. Take a look at the proof here; Conversiobot

They’ll also give you “pitch templates” you can copy and paste. These will do the selling for you. They pitch the benefits of Chatbots as an idea to the business you’re selling them to.

So you don’t need:

  • Any special skills or experience
  • To build your own Bots
  • Any selling skills

Find out more information here; Conversiobot.

AI Chatbots Conclusion

So we’ve seen that AI chatbots can have many benefits to both customers and businesses. Customers receive faster response times and better engagement. This in turn can drive more sales and better customer retention. Chatbots can also offer cost savings over hiring customer service workers.

Many large businesses now utilise chatbots to supercharge their results. But lots of smaller businesses don’t yet have this capability. This is an opportunity to sell chatbots to them. Conversiobot offers everything you need to create your own chatbot and sell them to other businesses.

Find out more information here; Conversiobot.

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