Save Money By Reviewing Your Finances

Are you looking for ways to improve your finances? From cutting back on spending to shopping around for better deals. There are many things that could help you save money. In this post we’ll look at some of the simplest ways you can save money and make your money go further.

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Reviewing Finances & Budgeting

First you should take a look and review all your monthly in-comings and outgoings. How much are you spending each month compared to how much you earn? If you are spending more each month than you earn then you need to seriously look at reducing spending. How many of these bills are non-essential spending that can be cut? This should be your first priority.

Get help with creating an effective budget and cutting bills with the TrueBill app. Learn how it works in this post; Effective Money Management With Free App. A great alternative app is Trim.

Cut Debts And Improve Credit Ratings

Once you have analysed your finances, look to pay off any debts if possible. The sooner you pay off debts can avoid accumulation of higher interest payments.

If you have long term debts like student loans you could be paying these off over many years. The longer it takes to pay it back, the more you will be paying in interest. There is now an easy way to shave years off your student loans with FutureFuel. This allows anybody to pay back their loans quicker through spare change round ups and refinancing plans that could lower average interest rates by 1.7%. Learn how FutureFuel works.

It is also important to maintain a good credit score. Poor credit scores can severely impact your ability to borrow in future as well as the interest rates you pay. Improving your credit score will allow you to borrow at better rates and reduce your repayments. Find your FICO score and see how you can improve it with myFICO.

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get your credit rating in order and cut debts

Shop Around To Save Money On Bills

After you have reviewed your spending, the next step is to try to reduce the amount you pay on your bills. By shopping around for essential services like banking, insurance and mortgages you may be able to save thousands by switching to a better deal.

It may seem time consuming to shop around but it could well be worth it, potentially saving thousands off your annual expenditure. Ever noticed all the introductory offers companies have for new customers that later revert to higher costs? Once customers have signed up, most then stay with the same providers for ease of use. Big businesses rely on this customer apathy to retain them on higher cost plans. So set a little time aside and see how much you could save.

There are many price comparison websites that can help with this. They aggregate prices from companies across the web allowing you to compare deals and find the best price. Supermoney makes it easy to compare financial products. Click below to find the best prices on;

In many cases simply haggling over prices with your providers can save big on your bills, it won’t always work but it’s at least worth trying.

Save Money By Reviewing Your Finances

Cashback & Discounts To Save Money On Shopping

Did you know you could save money each time you make a purchase with cashback sites? These sites are free to use and pay you for shopping with your favourite brands. You can usually earn cashback for both in-store and online purchases. Some of the best cashback sites include Slide and TopCashback.

View our post to learn more about making money with cashback – how does cashback work?

There are many other websites that offer other discounts, deals and voucher codes such as Honey and Groupon. Find the best sites for cashback and discounts here; Cashback Sites, Discounts And Loyalty Programs.

There are even some rebates sites such as Rebaid where it is possible to get some items for free, read how it works here; Rebaid – Amazon Rebate Website.

If you are a student then you can get even greater discounts with student discount programs such as StudentBeans. Find more information here; Student Discounts And Offers.

Save & Make Money Using Auctions And Classified Ads

There are lots of online auction sites where both new and used goods can be found cheaper than purchasing direct from stores and dealers. You can also sell all of your old, unused and unwanted items on these online marketplaces to make extra money. Most people will be familiar with eBay and it is a great site due to it’s large worldwide user base. However there is an alternative marketplace called eBid that has much lower selling fees.

There are also more specialised auction sites that many people aren’t aware of. These specialize in things such as seized and repossessed items, particularly cars. When a bank or government agency repossesses a vehicle they need to re-sell it quick to maintain low inventories so are sent to auction at discount prices of up to 90% off. The top sites for huge discounts on repossessed vehicles are Car Auction Inc and Gov-Auctions. There are also more niche classified sites that help save money when buying and selling RVs such as RVT.


If you don’t already have insurance in place then you should reconsider. Insurance policies can be purchased on everything from home insurance to medical insurance to pet insurance. A small cost now could save you thousands down the line. It is worth having cover in place as it can potentially save a lot of money and give greater peace of mind should something go wrong.

Insurance is another bill that doesn’t have to be expensive. Like with everything else, there are lots of low cost options that can be found online. Use a price comparison site to compare the best value deals, one of the best is Supermoney.

Save Money By Reviewing Your Finances

Banking And Savings

Now you have cut down your monthly expenditure and have some free cash, what do you do with it? If you have any short term debts, spare cash should be used to pay these down first.

Then you should consider opening up a savings account to build up an emergency fund. An emergency fund is cash that is easily accessible in case of an unexpected event such as a medical bill or job loss. Read more about how to create an emergency fund in this post; Emergency Fund – How Much Should I Save?

Again it is important to shop around for the best deals. A lot of the big traditional banks offer pitiful interest rates on savings products compared to some of the online competitor banks. CIT Bank for instance offer a money market account that pays over 5 times the national average APY.

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As well as savings accounts it is also prudent to see if you could switch to a better checking account. Switching to a different provider could save you fees, earn more interest and come with more perks, all of which can help save money. There are lot’s of great providers such as Axos, find more here; Bank Accounts And Savings.

Need to send money abroad? Don’t rely on your bank for this as they usually charge hefty currency exchange fees. MoneyGram allows you to send money quickly, reliably and more affordably anywhere in the world starting from as low as $0.


Once an emergency fund has been accumulated you should then consider investing any extra money you may have. There are many different types of investments including stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies and peer-to-peer lending. One of the most common investments you can start with is in the stock market through platforms such as Titan and eToro.

This will help grow your wealth over the longer term and you don’t need a large sum of money to start investing. Thanks to micro investing apps such as Acorns it is possible to invest regularly from just pennies. See how it works here; Micro Investing For a Wealthier Future.

It’s also important to save for retirement. A popular option is to make use of an IRA to take advantage of some of the tax benefits they offer. Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in alternative assets for retirement. Learn more with this free self-directed IRA eBook guide.

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More Ways To Save Money

There are lots of other ways to save money that we cover on our blog. There are also lots of ways you could make extra money with everything from rewards apps to online businesses.

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