Start Blogging To Make Passive Income

There are many ways to make money online, and blogging is one of the most popular methods. By creating a blog and sharing your knowledge on a particular topic, you can attract a large audience and generate income through advertising or affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in starting a blog to make passive income, here are a few things you should know before you start blogging.

What Is Passive Income?

Before we cover how to start blogging, let’s first look at what passive income is. Passive income is income in earned in a way that once set up requires little ongoing active involvement. The initial process of setting up a passive income stream can involve time and hard work. But you reap the rewards later.

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What Is A Blog?

A blog is the term used for a web log. It is a collection of written articles on a website, called blog posts. Blogs can be standalone or as part of a wider website.

A blog can be both for personal use or for business and can contain information around any topic such as; money, pets, fitness, health, investing, sport etc.

Blog post are separate pages that cover a different part of your topic that when published become part of your blog.

A blog offers many benefits including; helping to get ranked on search engines, driving traffic, more visitor engagement, lead generation and building authority and expertise within your sector. Webinars are great ways for businesses to generate leads, learn more about webinars here; how to create a webinar.

There are lots of ways to monetize a blog and they can be a good way to make passive income. However some work does need to be put in to researching, creating fresh quality content, SEO and marketing.

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How To Start Blogging

Before you start blogging it is important to decide on your niche and target audience. You can create a blog in any niche but some have better monetization options than others.

Whilst you want a clearly defined niche, choose one that’s too narrow and you may struggle to create enough content from it. Find something that you know you will be able to generate many different posts from over a long time period.

It is advisable to select a subject that you are interested in and have knowledge about. After all you want to be able to create great quality content. You should be aiming to be better than your competition – look for gaps that you can exploit.

Where To Start Blogging

When you start blogging, there are lots of choices of providers. One of the most popular platforms for starting a blog is WordPress. It is an easy and low cost way to start blogging, being very intuitive for a complete beginner and giving a good level of control over your site.

Start blogging to make passive income


WordPress also has a very extensive library of third-party plugins available. These are pieces of software that can be easily installed on your site to give extra features and functionality. They are available for everything including eCommerce, social media, lead generation, SEO and lots more.

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Blog Identity, Branding And Design

Now you’ve settled on your niche and platform for hosting and publishing your blog you can get started creating it.

Before writing content think about branding and your site identity. It is important to create the right branding and a good quality logo for your site. This will give off a good first impression to your visitors.

Decide on your design and theme and ensure it remains consistent throughout your website or blog. Use good color schemes and text that are clear, consistent and easy to read.

Also ensure buttons, menus and the whole site are easy to navigate. When you first start blogging, it is much better to keep it to a few simple clean and clear web pages. These can be built upon later.

Anything that causes a negative user experience such as hard to read text or lots of obtrusive pop-ups is called friction. You need to avoid this. Too much friction causes a high bounce rate. This is when a visitor immediately leaves your page after clicking on it.

If you want to get set up quickly and professionally but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself, why not try hiring a freelancer on Fiverr to create your entire site for you? Fiverr can be utilised to manage all aspects of your business including design, SEO, marketing, article content and blog posts.

Writing Quality Blog Posts

It is good practice to first plan out and schedule your blog posts. Draw up a list of sub-topics you wish to write about and when you will post these.

Blog posts should contain useful information that a visitor will actually want to read. If you are writing about a product, explain the benefits of using it rather than just the features.

Ranking higher in search engines will lead to more traffic to your blog so ensure you research and use effective keywords. Make your posts as detailed as possible and clearly laid out with good use of headings, spacing, short paragraphs and bullet points.

Images help to break up large sections of text, making it more engaging. They can also form part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

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Marketing Your Blog

Ranking in search engines is one way to drive traffic to your site and you should be paying attention to using good SEO practices on your blog. But there are lots of additional ways to promote your blog and generate more traffic and leads. Read this post to see a simple way to get free backlinks to your site using infographics, and use these free edu backlinks to improve your rankings.

Promote On Social Media

Social media can be an effective way to promote your blog for free. Billions of people around the world use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok on a daily basis. You can easily create, brand and manage all your social posts with software like Ripl.

The sites you use can depend upon the type of content you create, your niche and your target audience. For instance if you provide reviews and comparisons of products you could record videos and publish on YouTube. TikTok is one of the best platforms to reach younger audiences, particularly Gen Z.

See the best free places to promote your blog.

Build An Email List

Once you are driving traffic to your site you should be trying to build an email list from this. Newsletter sign ups are a good way to capture emails which you can then market your future content to.

Everybody likes getting something for free. One way to encourage email sign ups is by giving something away such as a free eBook. See here how to create your own eBooks.

Monetizing Your Blog

There are lots of ways to make money when you start blogging, which we will list below.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common and easiest ways to monetize your blog is with affiliate marketing. Simply put, affiliate marketing is promoting another company’s products or services through your own channels. You then get paid a commission for each lead or sale made from your traffic.

You do not deal with any products yourself, you are just promoting them. When you join an affiliate program you will be provided with a unique referral tracking link. This tracks the customers that have made a purchase using your links so you are paid the commission.

Your links can be inserted throughout your content including your blog posts, email newsletters and social media channels. You may also be provided with other materials like banners, email templates and videos to use in your content.

Start blogging and make passive income

This has to be one of the best ways to make passive income online. It is a very simple and straightforward process. Once you have posted your links you don’t need to do anything else.

Some companies offer their own dedicated affiliate marketing program where you promote their products. An example of this is Amazon who run their own Amazon Associates program.

There are also affiliate networks you can join. These are websites that offer many affiliate programs from across a wide variety of businesses in one place. Some of the top affiliate networks include ShareASale and FlexOffers.

You can find some of the top free affiliate networks.

Before you begin affiliate marketing it is recommended to read this post first listing 10 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

Display Advertisements

By far one of the simplest monetization options is to display advertising on your site. There are lots of different sites for this with Google AdSense being the most popular choice.

Google AdSense is free to join, all you require to sign up is a Google account along with your phone number, address and bank account so you can receive payment.

It is easy to set up – you get given a small piece of code that you need to paste into your site’s header tag. And that’s it – Google will automatically display the ads tailored to your site’s layout and audience. Depending on the type of ads, you can earn from user clicks or ad impressions.

Easily manage all of your ads on your site with the free Advanced Ads plugin. Monetize your website with advanced ads.


Depending on the type of content you aim to offer you could consider a membership model. This is where users will pay a fee to access premium, gated content on your site.

This extra content could include exclusive posts and newsletters, podcasts, webinars or any other extra perks that may be applicable. One of the best examples of an effective membership site is Amazon Prime. Users are free to make purchases on the website. But by paying a monthly or annual subscription they get unlimited free delivery, video etc.

Creating a membership site doesn’t mean your whole site is for members only, although you can do this if you wish. It’s also possible to add different membership levels with tiered pricing structures.

If you have a WordPress site then one of the easiest ways to create a membership site is with the DigiMember plugin.


eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. This can include physical and digital goods. A good way to create another passive income stream on your blog could be by offering digital downloads.

Once an eCommerce store has been set up for digital products you don’t need to intervene. It is an automated process – the customer gets instant access to the product and you don’t have to handle anything.

Digital products can include eBooks, audiobooks, videos, music, courses, images, documents, templates and more. Don’t have time or want to create your own products? Why not use these free PLR products that you can re-sell?

Start blogging


It is usually a good idea to add an option to your blog for people to donate in order to help with the costs of running the site. If you offer enough quality to your readers then you will find that many are happy to donate a little towards your hard work.

More Ways To Earn Money From A Blog

There are further ways to make more money from your blog but these may require a more active approach. This can include adding additional features such as podcasting for instance.

Platforms such as Medium create another outlet to earn money from your blog posts and articles. You can read more about the benefits of publishing your content on Medium. You may also like to read how to make money for free from writing on Quora.

Automate Your Site

Now you have visitors to your website. But you now need to engage with these visitors and turn them into leads and sales. The easiest way to do this is by utilising AI technology to engage with visitors on your website instantly with automated live chats. You can do this through the use of AI bots such as ConversioBot. You can read our full post on this fantastic AI technology explaining how to make money from AI chatbots.

Start Blogging To Make Passive Income Conclusion

Hopefully this post has given you the information you need to start blogging and making a passive income.

To recap, a blog can be started as a standalone business or used to promote an existing business. They offer many benefits including lead generation, traffic generation and are easy to monetize.

There are lots of ways to monetize a blog, many of them being passive so once set up won’t require much further intervention. Some of the best ways to make passive income from blogs is through displaying adverts, promoting affiliate products, memberships and eCommerce.

It does require some thought, time and hard work to make blogging successful but it is a very easy and low cost way to start an online business.

As platforms like WordPress allow you to start a basic blog for free, we’d recommend anybody to start blogging.

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