10 Online Business Opportunities From Home

An online business can give you great freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. In this post we will be exploring a list of 10 online business ideas to help get you started. Anybody can start these online business opportunities from home.

Start These 10 Online Business Opportunities From Home

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Subscription Box

Online subscription based businesses are a great way to make recurring monthly revenue. A popular type of subscription business is a subscription box.

Subscription boxes are gift boxes containing items based around a particular niche or theme. This could be anything from food to pets to health and beauty and much more. There are lots of niche options for subscription boxes.

A customer subscribes online and the boxes are delivered direct to their address on a scheduled basis, usually monthly. Customers purchase subscription boxes for the convenience they offer.

There are many benefits to subscription models including; a regular and predictable revenue, better cash-flows and more opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell products.

You can start by choosing a niche, ensuring you conduct research on the market and your competitors. Once you’ve found your niche you can then focus on branding, marketing and sourcing products from suppliers.

You can read our full step-by-step guide to starting a subscription box business in this post; Starting A Subscription Box Business.


Freelance Writing

Are you a skilled writer? Used to writing quality articles and blog posts? You could consider offering your services to others as a freelance writer.

For anybody good with written content there’s lots of opportunity. From blog posts, news articles, stories, marketing content, documents, newsletters and more.

There are lots of individuals and businesses that don’t have the time or resources to produce their own written content. So they are happy to pay to outsource it to a professional.

There are several different ways to make money from your writing. A good option is to use freelancing platforms such as Fiverr. Alternatively you could create and promote your own website advertising your services.

Additionally, there are also companies that specialise in producing written content that let you work as a freelancer. You can find more information and top online writing sites in this blog post covering freelance writing to make extra make online.

Another option is to use freemium subscription content platforms such as Medium. It is free to join for publishers and allows writers to monetize their content through paid reader subscriptions. You can read more about the benefits of using medium here; earn money from blog posts on Medium. Alternatively Quora can be used in much the same way, learn more about making money from writing on Quora.

If you are a good writer then why not consider starting your own blog? Read about the benefits of blogging and how to get started here; Start Blogging To Make Passive Income.

Sell Chatbots

Chatbots are increasingly being used by businesses large and small for customer service purposes. But as these are still relatively new, lots of smaller businesses out there do not yet use them. This could present a great business opportunity for you to sell to them.

AI chatbots are software applications utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to conduct online chat conversations. They are used in place of a human operator by simulating the way a human would behave in conversation.

Chatbots can offer businesses many benefits over employing a human such as; cost savings, providing instant responses to customers, working 24/7 and increasing customer engagement.

All types of businesses and websites can use chatbots to automate tasks, increasing engagement, generate more leads and increase sales.

You don’t even require any special knowledge or coding skills to create and sell chatbots. Specialist software companies like Conversiobot provide ‘done for you’ chatbots that come with commercial licences. Which means you are free to customize them and sell them to other businesses to make a profit.

We have a blog post detailing the benefits of chatbots and how you can make money from AI chatbots.

Day Trading

Day trading is the trading of financial securities such as stocks within the same day in order to make a profit from price gaps. It is not to be confused with traditional stock investing as the two are different.

Investing is purchasing an asset with the intention to hold over a longer period of time to create future growth. Day trading is a form of speculation that aims to capitalise on very short term price movements. It usually involves the use of leverage (borrowing).

See also; A-Z investment and financial terms to know.

online business opportunities from home
online business opportunities from home

There are lots of events that cause short term movements in price within markets. This can include; earnings releases, political events and economic news. A day trader will try to profit from this.

In addition to news-based trading there are other strategies that day traders may use including scalping, range-trading and high-frequency trading.

Day trading can be risky so should only be undertaken if you have sufficient knowledge. It can be very profitable for some but more people lose money then make money. Ensure you are aware of and comfortable with the risks involved.

Trade stocks commission free on trading platforms such as eToro.

Website Flipping

Buying and selling websites in order to make a profit is known as website flipping. It’s main objective is to buy a low priced website that has potential and develop it to unlock it’s potential. Then sell it on for a large profit.

Identify websites that have more potential to increase earnings. This could be through driving more traffic to them and to plug any content gaps to create more monetization opportunities.

This is effectively another form of eCommerce where you are buying and selling online. Except there are no physical products changing hands, it’s just a website.

This makes them one of the most ideal online business opportunities from home to take advantage of. All that is really required to start is a computer with internet connection and a web hosting service.

There are lots of good online marketplaces such as Flippa for selling websites, domains, social media channels and online businesses. Another good option for buying and selling eCommerce websites such as dropshipping and print on demand stores is Exchange Marketplace.

View our post covering how to make money online from flipping websites.

Cryptocurrency Mining

You’re probably familiar with cryptocurrencies and know you can make money through trading them. But there is another way to earn an income from cryptocurrency and that’s with something called cryptocurrency mining.

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of gaining cryptocurrency through the solving of complex cryptographic codes by high powered computers. When this problem is solved, a transaction record is added to a public ledger known as a blockchain. Blockchain is what cryptocurrencies are built on.

It does require a lot of computer processing power, a lot more than your traditional desktop PC. There are specialist high-powered computer equipment designed specifically for mining cryptocurrency that can be run around the clock. Allowing you to literally earn while you sleep.

You may also like to create and sell your own NFT for free.

Online business opportunities from home - crypto mining
Online business opportunities from home – crypto mining

Publish Audiobooks

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of eBook publishing. If you are a creator of written content you could earn passive income by publishing your work as an audio-book.

An audiobook is a version of a book that is spoken out loud for people to listen to.

You can either narrate your own work or pay a narrator to do it for you. It is more cost effective to do this yourself. But you do need a good, clear speaking voice and be able to articulate the subject effectively.

Websites such as ACX can help you produce your audio-book. As this platform is owned by Amazon so you can easily distribute your work to the Amazon and Audible platforms. Once published you will usually earn royalty payments on all future sales with no other active work on your part.

Create A Membership Site

Membership sites are a great online business to start. They are relatively easy and low cost to set up. And there are lots of different types of membership site you can start.

A membership site is a website offering gated or premium content to users that can only be accessed by subscribing. When users access content behind a paywall they will usually be more engaged and more likely to purchase more.

Depending on the type of business this members only content could include; exclusive newsletters, articles, webinars or special discounts and offers. Many businesses offer additional memberships with extra perks for customers – think Amazon Prime for example.

Online business opportunities - membership websites
Online business opportunities – membership websites

A membership site can be started from scratch or added onto an existing website you operate. The main things you need to consider are; what membership content you will offer, pricing, membership levels and membership frequency, I.e monthly, annually etc.

One of the easiest ways to start a subscription site is with WordPress. There are even dedicated plugins available that allow you to easily turn a WordPress website into a membership site. One of the best is the DigiMember plugin.

Web Researcher

A web researcher will research information on the Internet on a wide range of topics. Companies outsource this type of work to save time and resources.

Information to be researched can include; technical information, competitor information, market research and fact checking and verification of details and documents.

To become a researcher you will require strong analytical skills, IT skills, good communication and an eye for detail. It will require quite extensive research skills and quite a lot of effort, not just a quick Google search. But it can provide interesting and varied work.

Buy And Sell Through Auction Sites

There are lots of eCommerce options to choose from. A popular way is to buy and sell through online marketplaces such as eBay and eBid. Alternative eCommerce businesses include dropshipping.

The trick is to find niches and products that are high margin with low competition that can be sourced cheaply. Find some amazing niche ideas for online stores.

One thing to take into consideration is selling fees. Platforms like eBay have a large audience but fees can start to eat into profits. eBid is a good alternative. It is a similar type of online auction site with worldwide appeal but with a lot lower fees.

Find the top eCommerce suppliers for your business.

Online Business Opportunities From Home Conclusion

Hopefully you’ve found this list of 10 online business opportunities helpful and it has given you some inspiration to start a business. As we’ve seen, there are a wide variety of online business opportunities from home to take advantage of. Alternatively there are other ways of making money including selling digital products online.

Online businesses are great. They can provide great freedom to an individual and allow the flexibility of working from anywhere. But to be successful still requires hard work and dedication – none of these are get rich quick schemes.

From eCommerce to trading and other freelancing roles, there’s an online business opportunity for everybody out there.

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