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13 Real Ways To Make Money From Home For Free

13 real ways to make money from home for free

Are you looking how to get money for free? It may sound unbelievable to get free money. But the internet has made it incredibly easy to make money without having to spend any money first. In this post we will look at some real ways to make money from home for free.

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How much money you make depends on how much time and effort you want to put in. There are lots of things like free passive income apps that don’t require much effort and so the rewards are smaller.

If you want to make more money then there are businesses that can be started online for free. However to make them successful you still need to dedicate time to them. We’ll look at some of the best options of how to make money at home online below.

There are even ways you can get cryptocurrency for free. Read this post exploring the different ways to get free cryptocurrency and creating your own NFT for free.

Simple Free Ways To Make Money At Home Online

Free Sign Up Offers

One of the easiest real ways to make money from home for free is by simply taking advantage of free sign up bonuses. Lot’s of companies will pay you just for registering for a free service or downloading their apps. There are lots of rewards or cashback apps that offer sign up incentives.

Ways to make money from home
Ways to make money from home

Free Rewards Apps

There are lots of free rewards apps that pay you for your time. You get rewarded from carrying out short and simple tasks including; taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, newsletter sign ups, viewing ads and other simple tasks.

A lot of these sites and apps pay out in cash, cryptocurrency and vouchers. There’s even dedicated sites that pay out free cryptocurrency. Many of these also offer free sign up bonuses – sign up to each one to take full advantage. View the top free survey and rewards sites.


In fact there are even apps that pay you for leaving them running in the background. See the top passive income apps here.

Free Online Sweepstakes

Online sweepstakes are another option for a chance to get some free cash. All sorts of prizes are on offer including cash. Now these aren’t guaranteed to make you any money. But they are free to enter so you are at least in with a chance. Find top free online sweepstakes sites.

Sell Your Photos

Another thing you can sell online is your photos. Stock photography websites like Shutterstock allow anybody to upload and sell their photography. These photos are purchased by people and businesses to use in their content such as websites and advertising.

Your photographic material is required to be of a high quality but for anybody with basic photography skills this shouldn’t be a problem. Simply upload and earn royalty payments from sales. Sign up free at Shutterstock.

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Create And Sell An Invention

Have an idea for a new product or service? Created a product or idea and patented it? Why not sell your patent online? There are specialist marketplaces for selling or licensing patents like IdeaConnection. Either sell the patent for cash or license to others and collect royalty payments.

Sell Your Old Stuff Online

Another easy way to make money at home online is simply by having a clear out and selling your old stuff over the internet. Online marketplaces are good options to sell your used items with eBid being a good low cost alternative to eBay.

Online Businesses That Are Free To Start

There are many online businesses that are real ways to make money from home for free which do not require you to spend any money to set them up. We have listed some of the best examples below. You can find more online business ideas on our blog.

Print on demand stores are a type of eCommerce store that work in a similar way to a dropshipping store. They are free to set up and very easy to operate as all the products, shipping and customer service is handled by a third party.

There are lots of print on demand store providers such as Spring. They provide you with a free online store that you can brand and customize. The store can be stocked with pre-selected products provided by the company such as clothing, accessories and gift items. You can then apply your own branding and designs to these products and sell them through your online store.

Real ways to make money from home for free
Real ways to make money from home for free

When customers make a purchase all of the product printing, shipping and handling is handled by the print on demand store provider. This means no cost or effort to you to source, store, ship products or handle returns.

The only thing you have to focus on is branding, design and marketing your store to customers to drive sales. As the company is doing most of the hard work it does mean that they take a sizable cut of the profits but you also receive a commission payment on each sale. Print on demand offers one of the easiest ways to make money at home online.

Read more about how to start a print on demand store.

Affiliate Marketing

When people are looking at free ways to make money at home online, a very popular option is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting another business’ products or services. Commission payments are then received from sales. You do not handle any products, just promote them and get paid.

Time should be dedicated to creating a strategy to promote your chosen affiliate products. It can be beneficial to spend some money in your marketing efforts to achieve better results. But this is not essential.

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs that are free to join. Some do have restrictions such as requiring a website to join but many are open to anybody such as Fiverr. We have listed some of the top free affiliate networks and programs.


If you have a large social media following then you could turn this into an opportunity to make money at home online by becoming an influencer.

There are specialist social media influencer marketing platforms you can join such as Influencer and Tribe. Even Amazon has their own influencer program that runs alongside their affiliate marketing program called Amazon Associates.

These platforms connect influencers with brands that want you to promote their products to your followers. Generally speaking the more followers you have then the more you are likely to earn per post. However you don’t need millions of followers to get started. It can depend on what niche you operate in and the influence you have over your following. For example you can earn money on Tribe with as little as 3000 followers.

Learn how to build a massive following on Instagram with Instapreneur Academy.

Blogging & Content Writing

Starting a blog provides one of the best ways to make money from home, and they can be started for free. There are many ways to make money from blogs including through the use of affiliate marketing links and displaying ads.

Creating and promoting a blog can be done for free with platforms such as WordPress. But time will need to be dedicated to crafting relevant high quality and useful content. As well as spending time on SEO to rank higher in search engines and generate more traffic. There are many other ways to promote blogs for free including social media.

View this post for more information on how to start blogging to make passive income.

There are lots of online writing opportunities available for freelance writers. If you are good at writing articles and content you could write posts and publish them on Medium and Quora. Theses platform are free to join for publishers and allow you to earn money by offering written content via subscriptions or displaying ads. Learn more about making money on Medium and making money on Quora.

There are lots of real ways to make money from home for free
There are lots of real ways to make money from home for free

Use Your Knowledge To Make Money At Home Online

There are several ways to use your knowledge and skills to make money at home online, these are listed below.

Solving Problems

There is quite a unique way to make money for free and that is by becoming a problem solver. Companies will pay you for coming up with solutions to their complex problems.

IdeaConnection is an open innovation platform and expert solver network that is free to join. During registration provide information on which industries or fields you have expertise in. You will then be matched to and invited to relevant projects. The average payout is $5000 although it is possible to earn more depending on the complexity of the issue.

Anybody can join IdeaConnection but you will need to dedicate time and be able to work in a team. Learn more about how to get paid for solving problems.


Do you have any particular skills or services you could offer? Then why not become a freelancer and sell your services using online platforms such as Fiverr?

All types of skills can be monetized – whether you have technical or creative skills there’s huge demand for them. Everything from graphic design, coding, marketing, coaching, video production, photography, writing, teaching languages and anything else you can think of can all be sold online. Find more ideas for earning money as an online freelancer.

Interested in becoming a freelancer? More essential reading;

Real ways to make money from home for free as a freelancer
Real ways to make money from home for free as a freelancer

Software Testing

Getting paid to test software online isn’t as technical as you may think. In fact there are platforms aimed at people of all technical abilities and experience. So you don’t need to be a programmer, just a basic knowledge of how to use the internet and apps.

Companies need to test their websites, apps and software to ensure they are functional and fit for purpose. By testing out new software and updates, companies can fix any bugs and issues before launching them to the public.

Platforms such as uTest allow you to test new apps, websites and software and report on any bugs and glitches. After testing out the software you are required to complete a simple write up of your findings and are then paid for each project you complete. Payments vary by length and complexity of the project but can be hundreds of dollars.

It is one of the most interesting real ways to make money from home for free. Learn how to make money online by testing software.

Real Ways To Make Money From Home Conclusion

When it comes to making money at home online we’ve seen that there are indeed plenty of real ways to make money from home for free. From just signing up to free apps to selling products online and other online business opportunities, there is a way for everybody to earn online

If you only wish to earn a little extra cash in your spare time then using rewards and passive income apps are ideal for this. If however you wish to make a more significant income online then more time needs to be spent in pursuit of this.

We have shown that there are several ways of creating an online business for free, it is a matter of effort and dedication to make them a success. You may find the following post helpful; 13 steps to riches and 30 causes of failure to avoid.

Whilst we have covered some of the popular ways to make money from home for free, there are many additional ways to make money at home online, but these may require some financial investment to start. View our complete list of 50 ways to build online income streams.

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