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CJ Affiliate Review. Is It Any Good?

CJ Affiliate review - is it any good

There are lots of affiliate marketing networks out there, with some being better than others. You need to know which ones you can trust. Which have the best quality brands and products etc. Today we will be focusing on the CJ Affiliate platform. See how this affiliate marketing network stacks up in our CJ Affiliate review below.

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income online. If you are new to affiliate marketing you can check out this blog post answering some FAQs about affiliate marketing.

It may also be beneficial to read our post detailing the 10 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.

What Is An Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a platform that combines multiple individual affiliate programs into one central platform. They usually include programs centred around a particular niche or type such as digital only products.

It is worth remembering that even once registered with an affiliate network, many require you to still apply for each underlying affiliate program. CJ Affiliate is one such affiliate marketing network that this applies to. Below is our CJ Affiliate review.

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CJ Affiliate Reviews

This is our CJ Affiliate review of the platform. Formally known as Commission Junction, CJ affiliate is one of the largest and most established affiliate marketing networks. It was founded in 1998 and is currently owned by Publicis Groupe.


The platform offers access to over 3800 top quality global brands. To date, CJ Affiliate have paid out over $1.8 billion in commission payments.

CJ Affiliate review
CJ Affiliate review

Brands And Products

Thousands of brands are available of all sizes and includes a good mix of digital and physical products.

Advertisers can be found in almost every category including health, finance, entertainment, travel, automotive, software and much more. So nobody should have any problems finding suitable programs to join for their brand.


There is only one payout option available and that is by bank deposit. Although Payoneer is available for some countries if your currency is not supported by bank deposit.

Minimum payout thresholds also vary by currency. For example, for payments in US dollars the minimum threshold is $50, in British Pounds it is £25.

Payments are made on a monthly basis. They are calculated by the 13th of each month and then processed for payment on or around the 20th of the month.

This is one of the few minor downsides to CJ Affiliate. No choice of alternative payout methods and the inability to select different payment timescales.


The initial registration process is quite straightforward. Enter the usual user details like name, address, phone number, set a password and verify your email address.

The next part of registration may be time consuming. You are required to enter details of each of your promotional properties. This is anything such as as websites, social media, mailing lists etc that you plan to publish to. Depending on how many ways you plan to promote products, it may take some time to complete each one.

Before your account can be fully activated you are also required to complete tax and payment information.

CJ Affiliate review - registration process
CJ Affiliate review – registration process

Account Dashboard

Once registered you can log in to your dashboard, from here you can manage everything on your account. We’ll look at each section below.

CJ-Affiliate review - account dashboard
CJ-Affiliate review – account dashboard


Under your account section you can access your administrative settings where you can amend contact and payment details.

The network profile allows you to manage your profile and add or amend any promotional properties. Your network profile communicates the value you will bring to your Advertisers’ businesses.

Under the users section you can add and remove users to the account and manage user access levels. There are 4 user levels as follows;

  • Superuser: May view, access and edit the account settings and program terms. There can be only one Superuser per account and this user is created when the account is created.
  • Operator: May not modify account, payment or other user’s settings.
  • Analyzer: May not modify account, payment or user settings. May not accept, decline or expire relationships.
  • Link User: May only search for, view and copy links for advertisers.

The websites section lets you add, remove and edit property types such as adding additional websites or social media channels.

Finally the subscription section lets users manage any data feeds.


When searching for affiliate programs to join, select ‘Advertisers’ from the top menu. From here you can either search for an advertiser directly or just browse to find something.

It is easy to filter down the search by product category, advertiser’s country, serviceable area, currency and more. So you will be able to find the most relevant products for your audience.

Once you’ve found an advertiser, click on it to view the program information including commission rates. Click the ‘apply to program’ button, review and accept the terms and conditions. Your application will now be submitted pending approval from the advertiser.

Some advertisers allow automatic approval but most have a manual approval process. This will be indicated on the advertiser information page. Once approved, you will be able to access links and promotional materials from the advertiser section.

Advertisers can approach publishers which is a good way to discover new programs and build relationships with new businesses.

Under the links section you can search for links from all your current affiliate marketing programs you have joined.

There is an additional deep linking feature that can be used in two ways. One way is to use the CJ deep-link generator bookmarklet. Install this on your toolbar, then when visiting an advertiser site just click the bookmarklet to generate the link.

The second way is to use the page-based link tool. This will automatically monetize any hyperlink on your website that leads to a CJ advertiser. To set this up, you just need to tick the box and select your website. You then get a small piece of code to add to your website and that is it.

These deep linking and automation tools are very easy to set up. They save a lot of time as you don’t need to keep logging into your CJ account. The automated deep-linking script doesn’t override any existing affiliate links.


CJ Affiliate provides the ability to create your own product widgets. They are very easy to set up and add products from your advertisers, with lots of customization options.


From the reporting feature you can view performance and transaction reports along with your balance and pending commissions. You can even view commissions made through promo codes.

The reporting functions are quite detailed and you are able to adjust them to your requirements. For instance the performance report allows you to view by website, product, widget, advertiser and more.

The transaction reports allow lots of customization to get a complete breakdown of leads, sales, clicks and more. A complete breakdown of each transaction can be viewed.

There is enough detail in the reports to allow you to analyse what is working or not working and adjust your campaigns accordingly.


You are provided with a mailbox that is accessed via the main dashboard. Any messages from advertisers, approval for programs and anything else will appear in here. CJ Affiliate has made it easy to communicate directly with advertisers.

CJ Affiliate review - what does this affiliate network have to offer
CJ Affiliate review – what does this affiliate network have to offer


CJ Affiliate has a great feature that allows publishers to create and sell placement opportunities to advertisers. Sell advertising space on your website, app, social media or other promotional space for a fixed fee or commission. This can be found under the Placements menu.

You can add a single placement, a full package or a full rate card that advertisers can view. Make them visible to all advertisers or just the ones you specify.

CJ makes these easy to set up. Follow the prompts to add required information such as;

  • Time-frame.
  • Placement type (web banner, sponsored post, email etc.).
  • Size and type of creative.
  • Price (flat fee or commission and whether it’s negotiable).
  • Contact details.
  • Any supporting notes or documents (optional).

Be aware when setting up a placement there is no delete button. If you wish to remove it you must archive it.


From the insights section you are able to see an overview of both your customer and program data. Data can be displayed across a variety of metrics such as conversion rates, clicks, revenue generated and more.

CJ Affiliate Review: Overall Pros & Cons

CJ Affiliate review - what are the pros and cons of this platform
CJ Affiliate review – what are the pros and cons of this platform


  • Access to thousands of high quality brands.
  • Opportunities to sell your ad space to advertisers.
  • Deep link tools and widgets available.


  • Limited payment methods and timescales.
  • Accounts with no activity in 6 months are deactivated.
  • The dashboard could be improved.

Visit CJ Affiliate.

CJ Affiliate Review Conclusion

So in conclusion of our CJ Affiliate review, is CJ Affiliate legit?. CJ Affiliate is a leading quality affiliate platform with access to some great brands. It also has a lot of useful tools and resources to really help you. However it does have a couple of flaws.

We found the menu and navigation to be a little bit clunky and the site to be a little slow. Nothing too bad but it could benefit from a bit of freshening up.

We would recommend CJ Affiliate but still prefer FlexOffers over it. They are both reputable companies and both have access to a lot of the same brands. But we feel FlexOffers has a slightly better user experience with a more intuitive menu and layout.

We hope you have found this CJ Affiliate review useful. View our blog for more affiliate marketing networks such as ShareAsale. More related posts you might like;

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