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Use Quora To Promote Your Site And Earn

Use Quora to promote your site

Have a website or blog and looking for free ways to promote it? Would you also like to earn money whilst promoting your blog? In this post we’ll be looking at how you can use Quora to promote your site for free and earn money at the same time. In fact you don’t need a website, you can still contribute to Quora and earn money.

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What Is Quora?

Quora is a knowledge sharing platform with over 300 million monthly active users worldwide. It connects people from around the world with different knowledge and perspectives to use their knowledge for the benefit of everybody.

This mainly operates through users posting questions and answers. However you can also create your own space and post your own full length articles. Spaces can allow you to build your authority and expertise in your field as well as growing an audience.

It is a great platform for anybody looking for advice or wanting to pass on their own knowledge to others. You may even find some great inspiration for topics for your next blog posts on the site. It remains free to access for both readers and contributors, with optional premium paid subscriptions available. You can view our page and follow us on Quora.

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How To Use Quora To Promote Your Site

Similar to how Reddit has sub-reddits or Facebook has groups, Quora has Spaces. Spaces are your own area you can use to create posts, grow an audience, interact with followers and earn money. A space can be created and operated by an individual or a group of collaborators.

You’ll first need to register for a free account and set up your space. This is simple enough and is very similar to other social media platforms. Populate your space with a title, description, logo, image and about me details. You’ll also be able to set your monetization option here which we will discuss in the next section.

You can invite people to be admins, moderators, contributors or followers of your space. Generate links to send to your sites followers or import from CSV or Google contacts.

Use Quora to promote your site and earn money
Use Quora to promote your site and earn money

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Once your space is set up you can begin posting. You can write fresh articles or copy and paste your blog posts with back-links to your site. It can work well copying an excerpt of your post to engage readers and link back to your site to read the complete article.

You may also answer other users questions and can include links to your articles if appropriate. Answers should be genuinely informative and helpful.

Remember people that use Quora value it’s contributors for providing accurate, detailed and expert information. Use it to build authority in your niche by providing quality content. It’s not a platform for spamming affiliate links.

How Can You Earn Money on Quora?

Quora lets you earn money from your space with three different monetization options to choose from as below.

Note: At the time of writing, monetization is only supported on the English language version of the site and is available to residents of 25 countries. The full list of eligible countries can be found here.

Ad Revenue Sharing

This is the default option and the one probably most suitable for a large majority of contributors. It simply allows you to earn a portion of the ad revenue generated by the ads that are shown in your space when a user views or clicks them. Ads are served automatically by Quora, you do not need to do anything. Ad revenue sharing is the easiest option for those that provide free content to followers.

Space Subscription

This allows you to offer paid subscriptions to followers of your space. This may be a good option for those with a lot of followers that can also provide extra value to readers. This could be through offering mentoring or consulting services for instance.

You are able to set your own space subscription fees on either a monthly or annual basis. It’s important to note with subscriptions, Quora takes 5% of the fee. There is also a payment processing fee from Stripe of 2.90% of the fee plus $0.03 per transaction.

Quora Revenue Sharing

As the Quora platform is ad supported, it remains free for every user. However users are able to subscribe to Quora+ which gives them access to pay-walled content and ad free browsing.

Those spaces offering subscriptions will be viewable to Quora+ members. Quora revenue sharing allows you to earn a portion of revenue from these members when they view your premium content.

Earn money with Quora revenue sharing
Earn money with Quora revenue sharing


Payments are made on a monthly basis. Once your account balance reaches a minimum of $10, you will receive payment. You are not able to select your own payment method – all payouts are made through Stripe.

Promoting Your Site On Quora Conclusion

Quora is a great free way to promote your content to a large user base and help to position yourself as an authority and trusted source of information. At the same time you can also earn money from your space through one of three revenue models.

Of course you don’t require a blog to use Quora. It is open to everybody around the world to share information. Anybody can start their own space and monetize it.

For those bloggers out there, there can be times when we get stuck in a rut and need some inspiration for our next blog post. Quora can prove to be a good source of inspiration and new ideas for your future blog posts. If you require advice on any subject, it is a good place to turn to, there will likely be somebody able to provide the answer you seek.

You can view our page and follow us on Quora where you will also be able to create your free account.

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