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Insolvo 101: Make Money Freelancing

Make money freelancing on Insolvo

Freelancing is becoming a popular way for lots of people to make money online. There are lots of freelancing sites you can use to find jobs. Often the first sites people turn to are Fiverr and Upwork, but there are many more alternatives offering something different. In this post we will be looking at how anybody can make money freelancing on the Insolvo platform.

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What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is working on a self-employed basis to sell your services. Many digital skills are in high demand such as graphic design, web design, marketing, SEO, writing and much more. This list is not exhaustive, many other services are in high demand. Allowing an easy way to earn money online from home.

No matter what skills you have to offer, anybody can make money from freelancing. This can either be to earn some extra money online in your spare time or to make a full time income and quit your job. It is important to have multiple sources of income.

There are several ways to sell your freelance services including through your own website, social media or freelance websites. One such freelance website is Insolvo which we will look at how it works below. There are even specialist freelance websites that cater to a particular niche like freelance writing.

What Is Insolvo?

Insolvo is a smart digital freelance marketplace, using AI technology to connect freelancers to work matching their skills. This makes Insolvo a good option for beginners. There is a greater likelihood of matching to suitable jobs than on other platforms.

Insolvo review - Use Insolvo to easily make money freelancing
Insolvo review – Use Insolvo to easily make money freelancing

What Type Of Work Can You Find?

There are a range of both basic jobs suited to beginners and more complex tasks suited to experienced freelancers. Jobs are available in categories across many digital services including digital marketing, design, content, website help and others.


Examples of some of the jobs range from; basic helping of tasks such as proofreading, writing posts and helping students with coursework. Then there are more qualified jobs such as website building, technical writing, artwork creation, marketing and more.

What you can earn depends on your skill level, experience, site rating and the type of project. Simple tasks may only pay a few dollars for doing something as simple as answering a couple of questions. Whereas more skilled technical or creative and time consuming jobs could pay hundreds of dollars depending on the complexity of the project.

When joining Insolvo you are required to complete a basic test and receive a rating. This rating will then increase after successfully completing tasks and help land you more work.

Payments & Fees

One thing that is always a concern for freelancers is people that may leave without paying for a project you have completed. Fortunately Insolvo has a good freelancer payment protection process in place.

Buyers are required to deposit the funds into their account which is frozen until completion of the project. The funds are released to the freelancer upon successful project completion. This prevents the buyer from leaving part way through the project.

If the buyer doesn’t release the money after the completed project it is disputed. As long as it’s verified you completed the work then the funds are released to you. Insolvo takes a 10% commission fee from each task which is much lower than many other similar platforms.

All withdrawals are through PayPal with the minimum amount being $30. There is also a daily limit for the withdrawal which depends on the Freelancer’s rating and can vary between $30 and $100 per day. A 5% withdrawal fee applies to all transactions.

When the task fee of 10% is combined with the 5% withdrawal fee, the total fees are effectively 15%. This is still lower than other sites like Fiverr which charges 20% commission on each task.

How to make money freelancing
How to make money freelancing

How To Start As A Freelancer On Insolvo

It is free to create an account and search for jobs. However there is one drawback – in order to take on tasks you must pay an annual subscription fee. It is claimed that this is to help prevent fraud and keeps the quality of freelancers high. This fee is only $6.99 per year and we have seen it usually offered cheaper. The money you make on your first task should more than recoup this.

Before you can be fully subscribed and verified you are required to complete a short test. This test is simple, consisting only of 4 questions and is to assess your ability. They simply request information that you can easily look up online. The rating you receive will increase upon successful completion of tasks.

Insolvo Review – Pros & Cons


  • Easier for less experienced freelancers to find work.
  • Lower commission fees than other platforms (10%).
  • Good payment protection in place.


  • 5% withdrawal fee on each transaction.
  • Annual subscription fee of $6.99 in order to apply for tasks.

Visit Insolvo to make money freelancing.

Insolvo review
Insolvo review

Insolvo Freelancing Conclusion

Insolvo is a good alternative platform to make money freelancing. It may especially be a better choice for less experienced individuals than many other freelance sites. This is because Insolvo uses AI technology to match freelancers to suitable jobs for their skills and experience.

It is an easy to use site with plenty of tasks available for all levels of ability. At 10%, the commission fee is lower than many other sites although there is also a 5% withdrawal fee, making it effectively 15% in overall task fees. There is also the annual subscription fee of $6.99 or less. We would prefer not to have to pay this but it is used to prevent fraud. It’s a relatively small fee that will easily be recovered from payment for your first completed task.

When freelancing it is usually beneficial to register on several sites to make the most of multiple opportunities, view this list of the best freelance websites.

You should try Insolvo alongside other popular freelancing sites like Latium. Find more in our freelancing websites list.

Visit Insolvo to make money freelancing.

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