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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelancer

Why you should hire a freelancer

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or run a large business there are many benefits of hiring a freelancer. But what are the benefits of hiring a freelancer? In this post we’ll be looking at the reasons why you should hire a freelancer for your business.

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What Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual that works on a self-employed basis, selling their services to others. More people are quitting their jobs to become freelancers for the many advantages it offers. They get to be their own boss, can work from anywhere and are able to utilise their skills effectively.

Interested in becoming a digital freelancer and achieving your financial freedom? Read this post to learn about the benefits of freelancing.

What Freelancers Do For Work?

If you’re wondering exactly what do freelancers do, well you can find a freelancer qualified for almost any job you can think of. Freelancers operate across many categories with services that are both online and offline. Some of the most common areas to find freelancers include;

Whatever assistance you require with your business you are sure to find a quality, low cost solution by hiring a freelancer.

What do freelancers do
What do freelancers do

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Reasons To Hire A Freelancer

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a freelancer to fulfill a requirement. They are more favorable than recruiting a full time employee or outsourcing to an agency for the reasons below.


Find Expertise

Employees that you hire may have experience but they are unlikely to be experts. They will likely need further training and development. Whereas a freelancer is likely to already be highly skilled, experienced and an expert within their area.

Access To A Large Talent Pool

When you are employing a digital freelancer you have access to a much larger talent pool. Services performed online mean geographic location is no barrier. People can work from anywhere in the world. This means a much deeper pool of talent to employ from.

Cost Effective

It’s not just wages to take into account when hiring staff. Recruitment costs, employee benefits, taxes and potential severance pay all need to be factored in. This isn’t an issue when hiring freelancers as they are not employees. It is more of a business relationship with the freelancer providing a service to you.

High Quality

Freelancers are more likely be committed to performing quality work over regular employees. This is because their ability to find future work relies on their good reputation. They want to produce work to a high standard as they may gain; better feedback, repeat work and improved future earnings.


From one off projects to ongoing work, freelancers offer an employer the ultimate flexibility. There are no time constraints – hire somebody 24/7. If you have an urgent project arise you can hire somebody at extremely short notice.


Freelancers are available and ready to take on work, meaning you could potentially hire somebody instantly. This can save time posting on job boards or contacting employment agencies. A freelancer can start right away.

Hire a freelancer for your business
Hire a freelancer for your business

Where To Hire Freelancers

There are many places to hire freelancers online including job boards, social media and freelance websites. We’ll look below at 4 websites you could use to hire freelancers online.


One of the largest and recognisable freelance websites is Fiverr. Despite the name, not all services have a $5 price point. The name remains from it’s humble beginnings as a site for selling simple tasks for $5. Nowadays it is one of the world’s most popular marketplaces for digital freelance services.

Due to it’s size and popularity you should be able to find everything you require on here. From web services, business services, design, marketing, programming, audio, video, gaming and much more. Pretty much any service can found here.

There is a lot of competition from freelancers on Fiverr which does help to keep pricing competitive. The increased competition can ensure better quality work as only the best freelancers will thrive.

In addition to the main Fiverr marketplace they also operate Fiverr Business. This is also for hiring freelancers but with additional benefits for businesses. It allows for more collaboration and only has services from top-tier verified freelancers.

On Fiverr you pay per project, not an hourly rate. So there is no incentive for freelancers to stretch out projects. Payment is only released to the freelancer upon successful project completion. Payment methods accepted include credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Visit Fiverr and Fiverr Business to hire a freelancer for your business.


Insolvo is another freelance marketplace like Fiverr only with a few differences. Smart AI technology matches buyers to freelancers that are best suited to the tasks required.

Buyers simply post a task they require. It will automatically provide a list of those freelancers best matched to this particular work. You can then review these and contact them to discuss details and request proof of work. You set your own price for tasks and funds can be deposited by credit card, debit card and PayPal.

All freelancers operating on Insolvo must first undergo an initial test to determine their ranking. They must also pay a registration fee before being able to take on tasks. This helps ensure only genuine, high quality freelancers are available.

Visit Insolvo to hire a freelancer for your business.

Where to hire freelancers online to help your business
Where to hire freelancers online to help your business


FlexJobs is an online job board aimed at people looking for remote work and flexible job opportunities. They specialise in helping to reach all types of people including freelancers. So it is an ideal place to post your freelance, temporary and remote jobs you have available.

Jobs can be posted across most categories with job seekers on the site ranging from entry level to executive level. You have the option of posting jobs and receiving applications or browsing resumes and contacting candidates directly.

Visit FlexJobs to hire a freelancer for your business.


Latium is a freelancing jobs platform that allows users to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin for payments. The type of cryptocurrency is stipulated by the employer when a project is posted. Payments are still available in US dollars. Any type of freelancing service can be posted on Latium.

There are 2 ways to hire on Latium – set a price and hire instantly or invite freelancers to bid on the project. All freelancers receive an approval rate with the higher percentage rating the higher quality the freelancer.

Visit Latium to hire a freelancer for your business.

Hire A Freelancer Conclusion

As we’ve seen there are lots of benefits to hiring a freelancer, especially when compared to hiring full time employees. This includes flexibility, large talent pools, lower costs and ease of recruitment.

Freelancers can found in any area of work you may require assistance with. From web design and branding to social media management to content creation and more.

When you hire freelancers online, they could help take your business to the next level. They can help to;

  • Fill in any skills shortages within your business and provide expertise.
  • Free up your time doing menial tasks that instead can be dedicated to running your business.
  • Save costs of hiring as there are no additional costs or employee benefits to consider.
  • Complete tasks at short notice.

There are many dedicated websites to find freelancers that will help your business. When looking where to hire freelancers, some good options are Fiverr, Insolvo and Latium. More can be found in our freelancing websites list.

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