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Latium Freelancing: Work And Hire For Crypto

Latium freelancing - work and hire for crypto

Are you a freelancer looking for new ways to earn? Or perhaps you are looking to hire a freelancer to complete a project. Whether you are an employer or freelancer wouldn’t it be a great option to work and hire in crypto? Well now you can with Latium freelancing platform. In this post we’ll take a look at Latium freelancing to work and hire for crypto. See what it has to offer both freelancers and employers.

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What Is Latium?

Latium is a digital freelancing platform with a difference. It allows people to work and hire for cryptocurrency. Latium also operates a crypto exchange for users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. So everything you need is in one place. Most freelance sites only offer payment options of cash by PayPal or credit and debit cards.

A freelancing platform is an online jobs portal for skilled self-employed individuals known as freelancers. It connects those freelancers with employers seeking skilled workers to complete projects.

Read our post to learn more about the great advantages of becoming a freelancer to earn extra money online. Are you an employer and require a task or project completing? You can read about the benefits of hiring a freelancer.

Work and hire in crypto with Latium freelancing
Work and hire in crypto with Latium freelancing

What Payment Methods Are Available On Latium?

Many types of cryptocurrency are supported on Latium including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more. Latium operates it’s own crypto exchange, so these virtual currencies can be traded directly on the platform using your Latium crypto wallet. A flat 0.1% fee applies to all trades on the Latium Exchange.

In addition to cryptocurrency, there is still the option of using cash payments on the platform. These are priced in U.S dollars and mjust be paid via credit card. The payment type is set by the employer upon posting the project and is clearly displayed on the project page.

How Latium Freelancing Platform Works

So the Latium freelancing platform has two main ways to use. The first option is for freelancers to complete work projects to earn. The second is for those looking to hire a freelancer by posting jobs to the site.


Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or employer, everybody receives an approval rating. This is an indication of your user quality, with the higher the number the better.

Start crypto freelancing on the Latium freelancing platform
Start crypto freelancing on the Latium freelancing platform


Employers can post projects in 2 different ways – inviting freelancers to bid on projects or instant hire.

Bidding allows freelancers to bid against each other, offering their best rates to the employer for the task. It gives the opportunity for freelancers to clearly state their case and the employer to review the best options.

Instant hire allows employers to hire a freelancer instantly without having to review them first. This can be a good option where multiple freelancers are required at once without needing to be reviewed. An example of this is requiring thousands of people to download your new app or follow your social media account.

Amendments can be made to open contracts such as adding more time, cancelling the contract and paying the freelancer. A chat system is in place for employers and freelancers to remain in open communication.

Projects can be posted for all types of work. Some of the most popular categories for qualified, skilled work includes;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming and Tech
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and Animation
  • Audio and Music
  • And much more

In addition to these there are also lots of categories of projects and tasks suited to freelancers of any skill level. This includes such things as;

  • Surveys
  • Registrations
  • App Downloads
  • Other marketing tasks such as likes, follows and subscriptions.

These types of tasks are simple and a good way to make a little extra income online.

Start crypto freelancing with Latium
Start crypto freelancing with Latium

Freelancer Plans

It is free to join Latium as a freelancer and there are 3 different plans available;

  • Free – Can only apply for projects that don’t require verification.
  • Verified – One time $12 purchase allows access to ‘Verified Only’ projects and reduced fees.
  • Latium Pro – Provides the best opportunities, verification, lower project fees and ability to be a Featured Freelancer. This has a monthly subscription starting as low as $7 per month.

The current commission fee structure for each of these freelancer plans is as follows;

  • Free – fees of 20% for projects paid in USD, 15% for Crypto and 10% for any project paid in WORK.
  • Verified – fees of 15% for projects paid in USD, 10% for Crypto and 5% for any project paid in WORK.
  • Pro – some of the lowest fees in the industry with 10% for projects paid in USD, 5% in Crypto and ZERO fees for projects paid in WORK.

Latium Crypto Freelancing Conclusion

The Latium freelancing platform offers a good alternative to other sites. It allows freelancers and employers to earn and hire in crypto. The fees you pay depend on the crypto freelancer plan you subscribe to. Latium plans start for free.

Payments made in cryptocurrency rather than USD results in lower commission fees, making your projects more profitable.

Latium also has such a wide variety of project categories available with tasks suited to any individual. There are lots of projects requiring skilled freelancers across categories such as graphic design, content creation, marketing and more.

In addition to this, lots of simple tasks are available including follows, subscribes, downloads and more. So anybody can earn extra income online and get paid cash or crypto for carrying out basic tasks.

Whether you are an employer or a freelancer, Latium can be a great addition to use alongside other freelancing platforms. View this list of the best freelance websites for more.

Latium Freelancing: Work And Hire For Crypto

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