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Quit Your Job For Financial Freedom

Quit your job for financial freedom

Are you sick of the 9 to 5? Feel underpaid and underappreciated by your boss and wish you could quit your job? Being able to achieve financial freedom and quit your job is a dream for many people. But with the right mindset you could quite easily make it a reality. In this post we’ll take a look at how you could quit your job for financial freedom.

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Permanent paid employment does offer some benefits like job security, a guaranteed paycheck and other perks. That’s why it can be so difficult to leave a position even if it is unfulfilling – it offers a level of security.

But why waste away for years in a dull job with long hours and little pay where your skills are underappreciated and under utilised?

So what can you do about this? Well thanks to the internet it’s never been easier to start a business, make money online and achieve financial freedom. We’ll list below some ideas that you could consider to transition to an online entrepreneur and quit your job.

It’s also important to note here that one of the biggest advantages to online businesses is that most can be started in a small way on the side. So you don’t need to quit your job until you have built up your side hustle enough to take it full time. It allows you to test out new ideas and give something a go before making the ultimate commitment.

Financial freedom definition
Financial freedom definition

Financial Freedom Definition

When you are financially free, you have the ability to make choices in your life without being restricted by your financial situation. You are not limited by your income, your debts, or your expenses. You are free to choose how to use your money, and you are free to live your life as you see fit.

Financial freedom does not mean that you are wealthy. It simply means that you have the ability to make choices in your life without being restricted by your financial situation.

There are many paths to financial freedom. Some people achieve financial freedom by earning a high income. Others achieve financial freedom by living below their means and investing their money wisely.

The most important thing to remember about financial freedom is that it is a choice. You are not limited by your circumstances. You can choose to be financially free.

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Freelancing is simply working on a self-employed basis. As a freelancer you get to do the job you enjoy with the benefits of being your own boss. The major advantage of being a freelancer is greater flexibility to work wherever and whenever you want.

There are lots of dedicated websites where freelancers can sell their services such as Fiverr and Insolvo. These platforms connect digital freelancers to buyers looking for skilled individuals to fulfil a task. Common digital skills sold on these platforms includes web and graphic design, written content, SEO, marketing, video and audio services and much more.

Freelance writing is a popular way to earn an extra income online as you don’t need to be a professional writer to take part. There are many freelance writing websites for individuals of all abilities to earn money.

And it’s not just digital skills you require, freelancing can be both online or offline across all types of categories. There are freelancing platforms like TaskRabbit that cater more towards physical freelancing in your local area. Tasks can include things like cleaning, gardening, removals, shopping and doing chores.

So whatever skills you require for your day job, they can likely be transferred to a side hustle. That’s the great thing about freelancing is you can work as much or as little as you like. So it makes a great way to just earn some extra money in your spare time whilst growing your reputation.

It allows you to dip your toe into the water without making a full commitment to starting an online business. Many people find they are soon able to quit their job and make a full time living from their freelancing work.

Online Businesses

Just like with freelancing work, many online businesses can be started for free. Or at least for very little upfront cost. Due to their accessibility and more passive nature, many are started as part time side hustles. They expand to fully fledged businesses with enough effort and dedication.

There are some very simple ways to make money online such as re-selling free PLR products through to full e-commerce businesses. Some of the most popular online businesses people often start include;

We cover lots of these in more detail in our blog posts from small side hustles to full time businesses including the following;

Running your own online business gives potential for great earnings, flexibility, satisfaction and achievement. But to make a business a true success and achieve your dream of financial freedom it won’t come easy. You need to dedicate time and be committed, but with that comes great rewards. Ensure you read the 13 steps to riches and 30 causes of failure to avoid.

Quit your job and enjoy financial freedom
Quit your job and enjoy financial freedom

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Pros & Cons

There are several advantages to running your own online business or becoming self-employed but also a few disadvantages to be aware of.


  • Able to do something you enjoy.
  • Flexibility to work from any location and at any time.
  • Potential for higher earnings.
  • More fulfilling and rewarding.
  • More personal growth.
  • Lots of opportunities.
  • Free or low cost to start.
  • Many can start as side hustles and grow to full time businesses.


  • No job security or guaranteed paycheck.
  • Must be a self-starter.
  • Can be increasing competition.
  • Time commitments.

Or Don’t Quit Your Job

We understand that each person is different. Not everybody has the desire to start a business or become self-employed. You may not feel in a position to quit your job. But if you’re feeling unfulfilled at work then why not take action to change that? There are several options you can try first rather than quit your job;

  • Ask for a pay rise (haggling is an important thing to master).
  • Negotiate better perks like more holiday or health benefits.
  • Up-skill by taking an online course.
  • Search for a new job – Prepare with a free resume review.

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Enjoy the financial freedom of self employment
Enjoy the financial freedom of self employment

Quit Your Job To Achieve Financial Freedom Conclusion

So as we’ve seen if you feel fed up and want to quit your job there are lot’s of options available to achieve financial freedom. From starting a side hustle to running a full time business, there’s something for everybody.

There are many benefits to being self-employed including more freedom, flexibility and better earnings potential. However you must be self-motivated and are without the security of a guaranteed paycheck.

It is possible to start a business for free in your spare time. This allows you to test the waters before making a full commitment. Popular ways of earning money online include affiliate marketing and eCommerce businesses.

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