Infographics 101: Get Free Backlinks To Your Site

Backlinks form an important part of SEO and are a determining factor in how well your pages rank. The more quality backlinks your site has, the better chance of ranking higher in Google. There are lots of methods to get free backlinks to your site (and some paid ones). But they can be difficult and time consuming to acquire – manual outreach, guest posts etc.

There is an easier way to get free backlinks to your site using infographics. In this post we’ll explain how anybody can create free infographics for their website or blog and how to generate backlinks from them.

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What Is A Backlink?

A backlink is a link from one website to a page on another website. Search engines like Google use backlinks as part of their ranking process. The more sites that link to your content shows Google that your content is useful and worth ranking higher.

It is not just the number of backlinks that is important but also their quality. The greater the domain authority of the linking website, the greater the authority that can be passed on to your site via the link.

There are lots of ways to get more backlinks to your site including guest posting, syndicating content, broken link building and even purchasing backlinks. But one very easy way to get free backlinks to your site is by creating your own Canva infographics. If you’re wondering what is an infographic, we’ll explain below.

What Is An Infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of data and information. It presents data in a clear and easily identifiable way for the reader. They often use charts, graphics and images to make the information easy to digest and more visually appealing.

There are a wide variety of infographic types such as lists, statistics, how to guides, comparisons and more. You can use them in all of your blog posts to summarise the information in a clear and succinct format. People may gloss over your written content but a quality infographic catches the eye and is far more likely to be read.

As infographics are visually appealing they are very popular for sharing across social media sites. But they also provide another great opportunity to get free backlinks to your site and increase your traffic.

When your infographics are shared on other sites and linked back to your site you will get free backlinks. There is a very simple way to help promote the sharing of your content which we’ll look at in the next section. Plus there are also lots of websites designed for sharing infographics you can submit them to. As we’ll see below, infographics are a great method to get free backlinks to your site.

How To Create An Infographic For Free

You do not need to spend any money or use any fancy or expensive tools to create a professional looking infographic. Simply use a free online content creation tool like Canva to create an infographic for free. You can either start completely from scratch or use one of the many ready made templates available. Adjust the templates by adding your own color scheme, branding and information.

create a free infographic with Canva to get more backlinks to your site
create a free infographic with Canva to get more backlinks to your site

You can be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Alternatively you can always find a freelancer to produce infographics for you on sites like Fiverr.

Once you are happy with your infographic design you can save a copy and publish it to your blog. Infographics containing statistics and quality information are more likely to get lots of links as they contain valuable data that other bloggers in your industry will want to use. The higher quality it is the more likely the higher the domain authority sites are to link to it.


Make Your Canva Infographics Easy To Share

Once you’ve published your Canva infographic on your site you can use a free embed code generator tool like this one from Siege Media. It allows you to add a simple embed code on your site for any graphics or videos. This makes it easy for others to use on their blog by just copying and pasting the provided code. Plus it also includes an attribution back to your site.

Using the Siege Media free embed tool is straightforward. Just populate the following information fields;

  • Your domain.
  • Post URL that you are linking from.
  • Image URL – this is the URL of the image/infographic you are sharing (right click on the image in question and select ‘copy image address’).
  • Image Alt attribute – descriptive text of the image.

You can also set the height and width of the image and the embed box but is usually best left blank.

Free Siege Media embed code generator tool
Free Siege Media embed code generator tool

Once you’ve inputted these details you will see this automatically generates an embed code. Just copy and paste this code into your blog post – it’s usually best to display it directly below the item you are sharing. Note, in WordPress do not use the visual editor or it will strip the html code out, instead add it into the text editor.

Any visitors that want to use your infographic on their site can just copy and paste this piece of code for convenience. We have an example with the below infographic and embed code so you can see what it will look like on your site. Feel free to use this on your own site. As this makes it easy for others to use, it should help you get free backlinks to your site quicker.

How to get free backlinks to your site using infographics
How to get free backlinks to your site using infographics

Share this Image On Your Site

Where To Share Infographics

There are many sites suitable for sharing infographics with social media sites like Pinterest being a good choice.

You should also consider using infographic submission sites such as Daily Infographic and Infographic Journal.

Get Free Backlinks To Your Site Conclusion

Backlinks are an important factor in ranking in search engines like Google. They are a link back to your site from another site. Pages with more backlinks indicate they offer something of value to visitors and are likely to rank better.

There are lots of ways to get free backlinks to your site including using infographics. Infographics present data, information and statistics in a visual and easily readable format.

You can create your own quality infographics to add to your blog posts using free sites like Canva. Once published to your site you can make it easy for others to use and share your content by creating embed codes. You can do this with a free embed code generator tools like this one from Siege Media. This is one of the easiest ways for website owners to get free backlinks to your site.

In addition to this you can share your infographics using a variety of channels. This includes social media sites like Pinterest and infographic publishing sites such as Infographic Journal.

By creating and sharing infographics, not only will you get free backlinks to your site but it will help increase traffic, brand awareness and mark you as an authority in your industry.

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