Affiliate Link Management Tools

Increase Conversions With Affiliate Link Management Tools

If you run multiple affiliate marketing campaigns then it can become hard to monitor and control them all separately. It is possible for you to control campaigns and increase conversions with affiliate link management tools. There are many different tools out there that can help you with different elements of your link management. These include link shortening, tracking, redirection and click conversion analysis tools. However you really need the ability to monitor and control all aspects of your links from one central location.

The problem is, many of these are just single use tools. What you really need is one simple tool that combines all of these elements together. There is a powerful tool that combines link redirecting, tracking and traffic monitoring into one easy to use tool. It’s called ClickMeter.

Increase Conversions With Affiliate Link Management Tools

What Is ClickMeter?

Take a look at the demonstration video below to see how ClickMeter works and how it can benefit affiliates.

ClickMeter Features

ClickMeter is a simple tool to use with no coding required. It offers over 100 powerful features for redirecting, tracking, analyzing, collaboration, integration and development. Just some of the features available include the following;

  • Link cloaking
  • Link redirection
  • Branded tracking links
  • View link clicks and visitor type
  • Conversion tracking
  • Detailed reports
  • Sharing tools
  • Integration with hundreds of platforms
  • Visitor re-targeting
  • API features
  • And many more

Click here to see the full list of over 100 features available on ClickMeter

Increase Conversions With Affiliate Link Management Tools

Reporting And Analysis Features

ClickMeter has some powerful and detailed reporting and analysis features to help you improve your conversions. Detailed user information is collected from your link clicks. This information includes the site the user came from, user location and what type of device they are using. You can use this data to redirect your customers to a more appropriate sales funnel that better fits their demographic. This will result in an increase in your conversions.

It is a one-stop-shop to monitor and compare all of your different traffic sources. You will be able to monitor your email marketing, banner ads, social media and PPC ads to find which ones perform best. It even has fraud monitoring tools to help you monitor and prevent fraudulent activity on your pay per click ads.

You can also measure and compare your campaigns with different charts for easy visual comparisons. See all your campaigns in one place and filter down by demographic such as region etc.

ClickMeter - Track Your Affiliate Links And Improve Your Conversions

Should you use this affiliate link management tool?

In summary, ClickMeter allows you to easily track and manage all of your links in one location. This allows you to optimize and fine tune your campaigns, which will result in increased conversions. And who doesn’t want to increase their sales? So in conclusion, yes you should use ClickMeter to improve your affiliate marketing business.

Check out ClickMeter and start improving your conversions

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