Find listed below some of the top US banks for both personal and business customers. These banks offer some of the best value bank accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and more.

It is prudent to ensure you save money for the future and you should ensure this is working hard for you. Read about the importance of creating an emergency fund.

Bank accounts
Bank accounts

Importance Of Reviewing Your Bank Accounts And Finances

It is important to regularly review your finances and financial providers to check you are getting the best deal. For instance many of the major banks offer pitifully low interest rates on savings. They rely on customers not shopping around for better deals to keep their money in accounts paying next to nothing in interest rates.

These low interest rates mean any cash saved in these accounts is losing spending power to increased inflation. Remember, when the rate of inflation is higher than the interest on your savings then the value of that money is being reduced. What a dollar buys today will buy less tomorrow.

There are many smaller competitor banks that offer interest rates many times higher than the national average. They also offer better perks on checking accounts such as Aspiration. As well as offering green, ethical banking, they also pay over 20x higher interest than traditional banks.

Plus banks pay compound interest, allowing your savings to benefit from the power of the compounding effect. You can also find our lists of the best online savings accounts interest rates available.

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