Cashback sites are a fantastic way to earn some money and get discounts on your shopping. It is basically the process of earning money back on all your purchases.

There are many specialist cashback sites and apps available. These allow you to save money when purchasing products and services, both online and offline. For a more in depth overview of cashback, take a look at our blog post; how does cashback work?

Loyalty programs work in a similar manner and will be awarded when shopping with one specific brand. Instead of paying out in cash, they usually reward your loyalty with points. These can then be redeemed against future purchases, giving you a discount. Common types of loyalty programs are things like air miles or hotel reward programs.

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Top cashback sites, discounts and loyalty programs

Top Cashback Sites To Use

Listed below are some of the best cashback sites, discount sites and loyalty programs that you can use to make your money go further. All sites are free to join. Some sites may also have premium paid options. Most can be used worldwide but there may be some restrictions.

Use one or register on multiple sites to get the very best deals. It’s usually worth signing up to each one to take advantage of great introductory offers. For instance, sign up for free to Slide and get a $20 bonus.

Do this at each provider and you could make hundreds of dollars just for signing up to free apps. There are lots of other free apps that allow users to make passive income. Learn more about them here; free apps that pay you for using them.

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