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Free Resume Review 101

Getting a great job starts with a great resume. Does your resume help you stand out from the rest? Make sure your resume helps you land more interviews and jobs with a confidential free resume review from Top Resume.

Why Your Resume Is important

A resume is a document that outlines an individual’s work experience, education, skills, and accomplishments. A resume is important because it is often the first impression an employer has of an applicant, and it is a way for an applicant to demonstrate his or her qualifications for a desired position.

A resume should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it accurately reflects an individual’s current skills and experience.

Why it's important to review your resume
Why it’s important to review your resume

Why Use Free Resume Reviews?

A professional resume review is important for a number of reasons. First, a review can help you identify any areas that need improvement. This can be helpful in ensuring that your resume is as strong as possible before you submit it to potential employers.

Additionally, a professional review can help you determine if your resume format is effective and if it is highlighting your most relevant qualifications.

Finally, a review can also help you determine if you are including enough or too much information on your resume.

What Is The Best Free Resume Review?

TopResume is the leading resume writing service that review resumes for free. They have professional US based writers that can review and write quality resumes.

Requesting your free resume reviews couldn’t be simpler. Visit TopResume and click to upload your file. Then wait up to 48 hours for your a professional to review your resume and respond. You will receive personalized feedback via email to help you take action to improve your resume and increase your chances of landing a better job.

Best free resume review
Best free resume review

What Do Free Resume Reviews Cover?

They review all aspects of resumes will to ensure your best chances of success. These include;

  • Style and organization
    • Is it organized neatly and clearly
    • Is the format effective?
    • Does it include a professional summary?
  • Writing and mechanics
    • Does your writing convey that you will add value?
    • Is the writing clear and free of mistakes?
    • Have you used correct tone, grammar and punctuation?
  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System) analysis
    • Can your resume be read by the ATS?
    • How does the ATS interpret your resume?
    • Will the ATS mark you as a good fit for the job you are applying for?
Get a free resume review from TopResume
Get a free resume review from TopResume

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Pass ATS With A Free Resume Review

Did you know that 75% of candidates are rejected before the recruiter even sees their application? This is due to ATS which stands for Applicant Tracking System.

ATS is software that automatically reviews and filters applications into a shortlist for the recruiter. It matches resumes that it deems the best fit for the role. That is why it is important to understand how an ATS works when constructing your resume. TopResume can help rewrite your resume and tailor it to this.

Get a free resume review to help land your dream job.

Get Free Resume Reviews At TopResume

More Things To Help You Land A Job

Some further suggestions for things an individual can do to help them in their future employment prospects, in addition to updating their resume, include:

– Researching companies and industries that you are interested in
– Developing and honing your skillset
– Creating a professional network
– Keeping up with trends in your chosen field
– Staying abreast of current events
– Practicing your interviewing skills

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be landing your dream job. Please join our newsletter and check out our blog for more tips and advice on employment, making money and personal finance to help you succeed.

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