Freelancing can be a great way to earn extra income online or even to become a full time career. This freelancing websites list will help you select the right freelancing platforms for your needs.

What Is Freelancing?

It is simply working on a self-employed basis to sell your skills and services. Digital freelancing tends to be more attractive as it usually offers less physical work and higher profit margins. But there are also many freelancing services that are available offline and platforms that cater to these.

Some examples of popular digital services that are in high demand include;

  • Writing and translation
  • Web and graphic design
  • Programming and software
  • Marketing services
  • And many more

See these 5 freelancing ideas for inspiration.

Whilst some freelancing sites are only available to highly skilled and experienced freelancers, others are open to anybody. In fact there are some sites that are very beneficial for beginner freelancers by offering more basic tasks. These can include simply subscribing to newsletters, following on social media and similar associated tasks.

Freelancing websites list
Freelancing websites list

Benefits Of Freelancing

There are many benefits of freelancing including;

  • More flexibility
  • Better work/life balance
  • Greater earnings potential
  • Able to utilise your skills effectively
  • Do something that interests you

Best Freelancing Websites List

To help you we have compiled a best freelancing websites list containing freelancing platforms and remote job boards. This freelancing websites list contains lots of freelancing websites for beginners as well as more experienced freelancers.

How can a beginner start freelancing? There are many suitable freelancing websites for beginners such as Insolvo. Read these blog posts to learn more;

Freelancing sites are also suitable for employers looking to hire skilled workers to complete tasks and projects. Are you an employer looking for skilled workers? See this blog post to learn why you should hire a freelancer.

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