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Freelancing Websites List

Best freelancing websites list

Best freelancing websites list

Freelancing can be a great way to earn extra income online or even to become a full time career. This freelancing websites list will help you select the right freelancing platforms for your needs.

What Is Freelancing?

It is simply working on a self-employed basis to sell your skills and services. Digital freelancing tends to be more attractive as it usually offers less physical work and higher profit margins. But there are also many freelancing services that are available offline and platforms that cater to these.

Some examples of popular digital services that are in high demand include;

See these 5 freelancing ideas for inspiration.

Whilst some freelancing sites are only available to highly skilled and experienced freelancers, others are open to anybody. In fact there are some sites that are very beneficial for beginner freelancers by offering more basic tasks. These can include simply subscribing to newsletters, following on social media and similar associated tasks.

Freelancing websites list

Benefits Of Freelancing

There are many benefits to freelancing, including:

  1. Freedom and flexibility: Freelancers can choose when and where they work, and they are not tied to a specific location or schedule. This can be a great way to improve work-life balance.
  2. Variety: Freelancers can often choose the projects they work on, which can lead to a more varied and interesting career.
  3. Independence: Freelancers are their own boss and can control their own work. This can be a great way to boost creativity and motivation.
  4. Earning potential: Freelancers can often charge higher rates than those employed by companies, and they may have more opportunities to find high-paying work.
  5. Networking opportunities: Freelancers can often meet new people and make valuable connections through their work. This can be a great way to build a career and expand one’s professional network.
Freelancing sites list of the best freelancing platforms

Are you interested in earning money as an online freelance writer? Learn more about the best paid online writing jobs.

Who Should Use This Freelancing Sites List?

Anybody can use this list of freelancing sites to earn money online. There are a variety of freelancing sites that are suited to all levels of freelance experience and niches which allows any individual to start a career as a digital freelancer. For example, Insolvo is a freelancing site that connects businesses with freelancers for a variety of tasks, including digital marketing, graphic design, web development, and more.

How can a beginner start freelancing? There are many suitable freelancing websites for beginners such as Insolvo, which uses a special algorithm to best match jobs more suited to each individual. This makes it a great freelancing platform to begin. Read our blog post to learn more how to make money freelancing with Insolvo.

List of freelancing sites

Best Freelancing Websites List

To help you we have compiled a best freelancing websites list containing freelancing platforms and remote job boards. This freelancing websites list contains lots of freelancing websites for beginners as well as more experienced freelancers.

Name Description Submitter
BehanceBehance is a site owned and operated by Adobe, aimed at creative freelancers. It is different to other freelance sites in that it is more of a creative social network, allowing people to easily share their work with others. It is geared towards creative services such as animation, graphic design, photography, fashion and more and is a good ways of expanding your presence.Behance
ClearVoiceClearVoice is a content marketing platform for freelancers. This platforms is only really suitable to professionals that can demonstrate past work. On registration you have to create your portfolio which is then vetted by ClearVoice. After approval you will be able to apply for freelancing jobs including; blog posts, articles, website copy, ebooks, guides, white papers, social posts, case studies, and info-graphics. Freelancers can set their own payment rates.
ContenaContena is a specialist complete platform to help users start their freelance writing business. A paid membership is required to join the Contena Academy. But in return you get a training program, resources and access to the best online writing jobs.
FlexJobsFlexJobs is an online job search platform that specifically caters to flexible online and remote roles. FlexJobs screens each role posted on the platform to ensure it’s quality. It is the ideal platform for both hiring companies, prospective employees and digital freelancers.
Freelance WritingFreelance Writing is an online writing platform giving writers the opportunity to earn money producing; blog posts, web pages, press releases, product descriptions, newsletters and white papers. The platform is open to both beginners and experienced writers.
Freelance Writing
Insolvo - Smart Freelancing PlatformInsolvo is a smart digital freelance marketplace that uses AI technology to match freelancers to work that is suited to them. This makes Insolvo a good option for beginners as you are more likely to be matched to jobs than on other platforms. Learn more in this post on how to make money freelancing on Insolvo.
Latium - Work & Hire In CryptoLatium is a digital freelancing platform with a difference. It allows people to work and hire in cryptocurrency. Latium also operates a crypto exchange for users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency. So everything you need is in one place. Learn more in this post on Latium freelancing.
LinkedInLinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals to connect. It is also a good site for making business contacts and finding work - you are able to add all of your skills and experience to your profile. It is suitable no matter which industry or niche you operate in.
nDashnDash is only suited to professionals with proven subject matter expertise and able to write technical articles, blogs and whitepapers. Freelancers are able to set their own rates with average assignment prices ranging between 0 – 0.
PeoplePerHourPeoplePerHour aims to connect buyers and freelancers together better than other sites by using artificial intelligence. This is to ensure they only approve and match the top freelancers and providing a high quality service to buyers. Freelancers can set their own rates.
TaskRabbitTaskRabbit is a same day service platform connecting taskers with people requiring odd jobs and errands. This tends to be geared more to offline jobs but there are still plenty of online and digital jobs as well. It is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

TextbrokerTextbroker is an online writing service that companies can use to get quality freelance written content. As a writer on Textbroker you will be able to write; product descriptions, blog posts, press releases, social media posts, news stories, technical articles and more. Writers are tested on registration and graded on the quality of their work. The higher the grade the higher the payscale.
UpworkUpwork is global freelance marketplace very similar to Fiverr. As with Fiverr, it does tend to suffer from an overcrowded marketplace meaning increased competition. If you're looking to hire it could mean more competitive prices.
Writing PaychecksWriting paychecks is a freelance writing platform open to everybody regardless of experience or qualifications, although minimum quality standards still have to be met. There are a wide range of writing opportunities including blog posts, documents, reviews, proofreading, ghostwriting and much more.

Unlike many other sites, they don’t take a commission payment from your jobs. Instead you pay a small one time fee of on registration which gives lifetime access to the site. This means you keep all of the future profit from any writing jobs undertaken.

Note: Writing Paychecks is only open to residents of the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
Writing Paychecks
WritingJobzWritingJobz has jobs suited to all levels of ability and offers competitive rates of up to per page. A short test must first be completed in order to be approved.

Are You An Employer Looking To Hire A Freelancer?

Freelancing sites are also suitable for employers looking to hire skilled workers to complete tasks and projects. There are many reasons why an employer might choose to hire a freelancer instead of an employee.

The most common reason is that freelancers are often more knowledgeable and experienced in their field than employees. This means that they can provide better quality work in less time. Additionally, freelancers are often more flexible and can work around the employer’s schedule. Finally, hiring a freelancer is often less expensive than hiring an employee.

Are you an employer looking for skilled workers? See this blog post to learn the reasons why you should hire a freelancer.

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