Are you looking at how to create a webinar? A webinar can be a great way to grow your audience and promote your business. Below we will explain what a webinar is and how to create a webinar.

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is a live online presentation where the audience can interact by submitting questions and comments. Webinars (or web seminars) can take the form of seminars, training, events and video presentations conducted online using webinar software.

Why Create A Webinar?

Webinars allow the presenter to effectively engage and educate their audience. They are an extremely useful lead generation tool for businesses and can be aimed at both new and existing customers.

There are many ways webinars can be used including to; educate and inform customers of your business, new products and services demonstrations, training, building expertise and authority in your industry and generating leads.

The are several benefits of creating a webinar including many cost savings. As webinars are held online they can be presented from anywhere so you are not tied to one location. This is more cost effective as there is no need to hire a venue or extra equipment etc.

Webinars can be pre-recorded and played at specific schedules rather than always being held live. So they can be used many times and for different purposes.

They are also much more interactive for an audience and allow them to remain engaged with the ability to use live chats, polls and surveys.

How to create a webinar
How to create a webinar

Where And How To Create A Webinar

It’s quite easy to create a webinar with the use of quality webinar software tools like GoToWebinar.

First create a plan for your webinar. What are your main goals? To educate? To generate more leads? Once you’ve decided on your goal it’s usually a good idea to do a bit of research. View your competitors webinar offerings. View their webinars and see what their content is like, how they interact with their audience and how they sell to them etc. Try to identify if there are ways you could do something differently.

After conducting your research you can then begin planning out your content and designing your presentation. GoToWebinar makes this process easy by allowing you to quickly customize templates, registration forms and branding.

Interact with your customers with the use of live polls and surveys that allow you to easily measure audience engagement. Full analytics and reports are available after the presentation. So you can review traffic sources, user engagement and other key metrics in order to make improvements.

Create everything from live seminars, pre-recorded events and training sessions to grow your audience, leads and sales with a webinar.

Find more information on how to create a webinar to help grow your business at GoToWebinar.

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