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Increase Sales On Amazon With SellerMobile

Do you sell products on Amazon? Want a way to gain an edge on your competitors and increase sales on Amazon? We all know it’s getting harder to sell profitably on Amazon due to increased competition and changing algorithms. But it doesn’t have to be hard. In this post we will take a look at an advanced Amazon seller software called SellerMobile. Read on to see how this software could increase your sales give your business the competitive edge.

What Is SellerMobile?

SellerMobile is an advanced software program designed for Amazon sellers to increase sales and gain the competitive edge. There are lots of software providers available offering tools to Amazon sellers. But SellerMobile is the fastest growing Amazon seller software with over 20,000 customers.

It provides a complete suite of tools to successfully manage all parts of your business. This includes inventory management, price and feedback automation, restocks, lost sales analysis and much more. We will cover each of the features further below.

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Increase sales on Amazon with SellerMobile software
Increase sales on Amazon with SellerMobile software

Tools To Help Increase Sales On Amazon

SellerMobile combines over 40 powerful seller tools and reports to help you manage, analyse and increase sales. See the main features listed below.

Amazon Seller Tools & Analytics

Automated Repricing

The automated repricer tool allows you to choose your competitors and stay up to date with price changes in the market. You can incrementally increase prices and visibility whilst winning the Buy Box.

The Amazon Buy Box is incredibly important to win. It is the box on the right hand side of the Amazon product page where you can add items to cart. It allows customers to make a quick purchase and so the seller that is selected as the first option on the Buy Box is most likely to make the sale.

Feedback Automation

Automate email campaigns to capture customer feedback and improve your rankings. Free up your time and simplify the feedback and review process by automating it. This will allow you more time to focus on other more important things like marketing your business.

Restock & Purchase Order Tool

View accurate forecasting to predict future demand for your products and restock at the right levels. You can view data such as forecasting, lead times and restock suggestions to help you eliminate storage fees and dominate the competition.

Amazon PPC Ads Tool

Get a full understanding of ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale). See your best and worst performing ads and make adjustments to maximize ad spend and increase profitability.

Advanced Notification Tools

Receive the latest alerts and notifications to keep informed on your account activity. Set up alerts to be notified when you make a sale or an item is out of stock so you can always stay in control. Additionally receive daily and weekly sales summaries to review performance of top products.

Global Sales Dashboard

If you sell in more than one marketplace you can track and analyse from 17 global marketplaces. Easily compare sales, revenue, profits, inventory and more key metrics from all your different marketplaces to see which is most profitable.

Increase sales on Amazon with SellerMobile
Increase sales on Amazon with SellerMobile

Amazon Business Analytics

Profit & Cost Analytics

SellerMobile has some very powerful business analytics tools to help you effectively manage all areas of your business. Get true profit calculations by aggregating all costs and sales data including Amazon fees, ad spend, cost of goods, taxes etc. No more guesstimates, see exactly what is coming in and going out.

Lost Sales & Inventory Management Analysis

No business owner wants to lose sales. But it happens often simply through things like poor inventory management which can be prevented. Detect and prevent future lost sales – the algorithm will learn from past stock issues to accurately predict inventory. So you can ensure you will meet future customer demand and avoid losing sales.

Customer Analysis

Use these customer analytics to gain insight into your top customers and their purchasing habits. It is important to know your customer’s browsing and purchasing behavior so that you can adapt your processes and tailor your products to your target audience.

Brand & Supplier Analysis

Through detailed brand analysis you will be better able to understand multiple brands performance by a wide range of measurements. This includes active SKU, revenue, highest asset value, lost sales and more.

Competitor & Hijacker Analysis

With the Amazon competitor tool you can compare your offers to the competition with key performance metrics such as price changes.

Protect your listings from hijackers by receiving alerts to help protect your brand and profits. Hijacker reporting templates are available to send directly to Amazon for reporting.

SellerMobile Pricing

There are three monthly pricing tiers so you can choose a plan that’s suitable for the scale of your business.

Desktop & Mobile AppYYY
Sales & Profit AnalysisYYY
Customer AnalysisYYY
Competitor AnalysisYYY
Brand AnalysisYYY
Supplier AnalysisYYY
Lost Sales AnalysisYYY
Amazon (PPC) Advertising AnalysisNYY
Global (Multi-Marketplace) DashboardNYY
Inventory ManagementNNY
Amazon FBA Restock PlansNNY
Inventory Demand ForecastingNNY
Supplier Purchase Order GeneratorNNY
Algorithmic Repricing ToolNYY
Feedback Generator ToolNYY
Amazon Alerts & NotificationsYYY
ASIN Rank TrackerNNY
Increase sales on Amazon – SellerMobile plans

Ready To Increase Sales On Amazon?

SellerMobile offers some of the most advanced software to help you increase sales on Amazon. From business tools to help you get the Buy Box to detailed analytics, this software covers it all.

In addition to all of these features, SellerMobile also offer a comprehensive resources section offering support to sellers. This includes a knowledge base with step by step guides on common issues and video libraries and tutorials. So you know you will be able to use the software to it’s full benefit. They even give users a 14 day free trial so you can fully test the software.

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