If you run an online business, blog or website then it is important to publish the right legal policies. Having the proper policies in place will help you comply with regulations and protect you from any potential claims and lawsuits.

There are a number of policies that website owners must adhere to regarding privacy and data protection. Rules, regulations and laws can vary by country and can also differ depending on the type of site you run. For example an eCommerce website has to provide information on refunds and returns.

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The main types of legal policies required for your site are;

  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie consent
  • Terms and conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Return policy (if applicable)

You could create these documents yourself. However this can be a time consuming process and involve a lot of legal and technical jargon. So unless you are a legal professional it is likely it will not be drawn up in the correct way. An alternative is to use professional legal services but these can prove very costly. But there is a better way. A full all in one online compliance solution called Termly.

Free legal policies to use on your website
Free legal policies to use on your website

What Is Termly?

Termly is an online legal and compliance service. Create comprehensive legal policies that are tailored to your business. With coverage of US and EU data laws and cookie consent. These include GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy Directive.

Is Termly free? Yes it’s free to start a legal policy on Termly.

The benefits of Termly are;

  • Policies are automatically updated to reflect changes and new laws
  • Save thousands on legal fees
  • Termly’s policies are professionally created by a team of attorneys
  • Easy to use – once created simply copy the link or code onto your website
  • Suitable for use on all business platforms – blogs, websites, eCommerce and apps

Termly makes it incredibly easy to create legal policies using templates. Simply follow the step by step process and enter all applicable information.

Publish Your Policies

Once you’ve completed all the required steps you can preview the policy first. If you are happy, download or use the link and publish on your website. Professional quality legal documents without expensive fees or being time consuming.

Create professional legal policies in minutes >>> Try Termly for free

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