We can often put off reviewing our personal finances due to not having much time free. But managing your finances doesn’t have to be time consuming. There are lots of personal finance apps available. These allow people to easily manage all aspects of their finances with just the swipe of a finger.

It is important to conduct a personal financial health check every once in a while. Doing so could help you cut bills, save money and give you peace of mind that your money is working smarter. Read more about giving yourself a financial review and see if you could be saving money in our blog post; save money by reviewing your finances.

You will find listed below some of the top personal finance apps. These apps cover everything you require when it comes to personal financial management including;

  • Budgeting and planning.
  • Banking, saving and investing.
  • Personal loans and credit.
  • Credit building and repairing.
  • Cutting bills.
  • Money transfers.
  • Financial advice.
  • Investment research.

Use these apps to help take control of your finances and manage them more effectively.

Not sure whether saving or investing is right for you? View our post where we explain the differences; should I save or invest?

Top personal finance apps
Top personal finance apps

More Personal Finance Apps

And it’s not just your own finances you can improve with these apps. For instance, with U-Nest you can now easily save tax-free for your child’s education in just minutes through the dedicated app.

In addition to these, there are many more apps that can help you save money. This includes cashback apps. You can read more information about how cashback works. You can also view some of the top cashback Sites, discounts and loyalty programs.

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