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Student Beans Discount: Save Money

Student Beans - student discount scheme to save money

Student Beans - student discount scheme to save money

Are you a student? Did you know that as a student you could be saving money and receiving huge discounts on your spending with a Student Beans discount. Read on and we’ll explain what Student Beans is and how it works.

What Is Student Beans?

Student Beans is the world’s leading student loyalty network, giving students discounts on the brands they love. Discounts are available to students in over 150 countries across hundreds of brands including Gymshark, McDonald’s and Apple.

There are discount codes available to redeem both online and offline, with an app also available so you can redeem anywhere. To redeem in-store, simply show your Student Beans ID at checkout.

It is completely free to use. There is just one requirement – you must be a student.

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Student Beans discount to save money

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Who Qualifies As A Student?

Anybody that is studying or in full time education can join. This includes college students, university students and high school students over the age of 16.

How Does Student Beans Verify?

Student Beans Verification Process

How does Student Beans verify your student status? There is a simple verification required during the sign up process to verify that you are a student. The Student Beans verification process is very simple. You are required to select your learning institution from the list on the registration page. If it isn’t on the list, you are able to add it.

How does Student Beans verify

You can verify using one of the following 3 options;

Once this is complete you will be able to use the platform to take part in offers and deals. Your account lasts for one year and you will need to refresh the Student Beans verification process annually to prove you are still a student and continue using Student Beans discounts.

Get the free Student Beans discount; Join StudentBeans

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