Are you a student looking to make some extra money between your studies? There are lots of small side businesses for students to make some extra income.

A side business, also known as a side hustle is just a way of making money ‘on the side’. This can be on the side of a job or studies – they are not something that you have to dedicate all of your free time to. And they give you some extra cash when you most need it. We’ll list some great ideas for side businesses for students below.

Side business ideas for college students
Ideas for side businesses for students

What Is The Best Side Business For Students?

Some of the most popular side businesses for students tend to be online based. These are things like freelancing, blogging, writing or just selling things online.

Digital based side businesses like these are usually free to start. They also offer lots of flexibility and quite high compensation for the effort involved.

We recommend you check out this comprehensive list we have complied of 50 ways to build online income streams for lots of ideas for side businesses for students.

Freelancing is a perfect side business for students. It is just working on an ad-hoc basis to complete tasks for money. Jobs are suited to all skill sets including tutoring, content writing, copywriting, web design and much more.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are the most popular sites but this means there is a lot of competition for jobs. Beginner freelancers may fare better on other sites like Insolvo which uses AI to match users to jobs. Or Latium, which is a freelancing site that allows users to be paid in crypto. You can read our guides to Insolvo and Latium to learn more.

Other popular side businesses for students include more traditional ways of making money such as pet sitting, babysitting and food delivery.

An easy way to find simple freelancing tasks in your local area is through the TaskRabbit app. We see all types of tasks on this app including completing grocery shopping, helping to build furniture, gardening, cleaning and more.

The best side businesses for students to start
The best side businesses for students to start

Be Smarter With Your Money

It’s always nice to splash out some of that extra cash you made. But you should also consider saving some of it for your future. Building up a small emergency fund means you have the comfort of a cash buffer.

If money becomes tight you won’t need to borrow money as you have savings to rely on. A savings account can be opened with as little as $1. Check out some of the best online savings accounts.

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